Interviews are assessing your capability to check whether you will fit for the that job you have opted. Interviewee is always getting confused what to study and what not to study before an interview. To be frank, there are no rules set for any interviewer to ask systematic questions. As an interviewer they are going to study about you, you as a candidate need to prove that you are fit for the job. Interviewee should study few things before they attend any interview. Even though you have experience you need to study even though you have confidence about you. The questions that are posted in many interview tips blog or website will talk mostly on the ways that you can answer the most expected questions, but to answer it you must do some ground work that is what we are going to see today. I would suggest you to do this at least before a month or minimum of two week before you attend an interview.

Company knowledge Importance

Study yourself:-

The beginning of any interview starts from knowing about you. Interviewee need to have good clarity on what to say and what not to say during the interview. There are candidates who just walk in and attend job interview, when they fail, they just get frustrated. Interviewee attitude is tested first before testing their knowledge. That is why you encounter this, “Tell me about yourself” question. In the later stages they will ask about your strength, weakness and other stuffs related to you. In army interviews the candidates are asked to tell more about their family, friends, teachers,role model, and others. By asking those questions they are looking to hire the person with right attitude.One should know in any interview they will study about you attitude first, so it’s wise to prepare well about yourself. Write down in a paper about yourself, and check whether you have listed all the aspects about you, the areas that you can improvise while you answering the questions about you. Mostly in interviews try to relate you to the job more. Your attitude should match the job that you are applying.

Study the job description:-

As an interviewee, it is must to get to know about the job description. Job description gives you more idea about what kind of job that you are going to perform in the industry. One has to be very clear about the job description. Even the recruiter doesn’t talk much about the job, you as an interviewee can ask them to send an email with the job description included in the call letter. Studying the job description helps you to identify the right job, and also gives you an hint on what areas you should concentrate more when you attend the interview. If you are a fresher, in case of campus interviews or off campus interviews it’s must to get to know about the job description. Software companies is also have separate division called ITES wing, they might also recruit engineers for the ITES job. Ensure that you are aware of job description before you attend the interview. As experienced person, you will try to move to the next level. So the job title and description alone helps you to identify whether the job you applied is taking you to the next level. With the job description itself you will come to know what knowledge is required for the job. Study basic theoretical concept as fresh graduates, for experienced candidates study well about your previous job role and subject matter related to it. There is no rule that the experienced candidates should not be questioned on basics, interview will certainly start with the basic. It’s good to study the basic theoretical concept involved with the job.

Study the Company:-

This might not be of your interest, but it’s the interviewers interest. Any interviewer will love to ask this question, “What do you know about our company?”. This question is asked to know whether you are really interested in their company.  While studying about the company you need to study their presence ( i.e: Head quarters) around the globe. Allied companies, that is their sister concerns, amalgamation, mergers and acquisitions. There are many industries and the company you applied might have hands on experience in several industries you should also know what are the industries they are into. Study the recent news about the concern you applied for, this will help in answering the question. When you know about the company it’s very easy to get along with the company soon and excel well. Companies website is the wonderful resource, followed by the Wikipedia article.

Study you resume:-

Last but not the least, study your resume well. Even before the interviewer meet you they will come to know about you through your resume. When they ask question based on your resume, you should not blink. Preparing on your resume is the first and foremost thing that as a interviewee you have to do. Completely go through your resume

Study well, perform well and get the job.