“Che” is not a new name to anyone here, if he is new to you then you didn’t yet struck the chord well, fine tune and study well. Che guvera is well known for Cuban Revolution who graduated as a doctor. He is a personality not only appears only on youngsters T Shirt. His cult is still existing in many youngsters but they are dormant, if it emerges out the world will certainly see the next world war that is what Che was also trying to do. Even after first and second world war there where many things still kept unnoticed that led to this Cuban revolution lead by Che Guvera along with Fidel Castro.

Che Guevera was a guerrilla leader who fought against US army in Cuba with an idea to eradicate Capitalism. Che reads many books, looks handsome, and admired by many leader like Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lenin and so on. If you look at the list of inspired leader you might come to know that he was inspired by “Communism”  and it’s ideology. He worked hard to eradicate poverty in Latin America and Cuba as well. He is still respected because he didn’t work only for Cuba he also worked for the upliftment of poor people. This revolutionary idea came to Che Guevera by taking a road trip along with his friend( See the road map).

The Motorcycle Diaries

This was also made as film named “The Motorcycle Diaries” which captures the entire journey and insights of the road trip. So you might now feel that you want to know more right?. Then look into this video which is embeded down here, the entire life history of Che Guevera. Questions to your answers is there in this video. The video will run for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It’s full of blood shed, betrayal, economics revolution, and a sole human named “Che Guevera”.

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