Bloggers are the people who keeps Internet alive. With all those articles published on internet with or without purpose, you spread the information around the globe. By being a blogger you have confessed yourself to dispense your knowledge to enhance others knowledge. A blogger is an inquisitive or a specialist who always intends to spread the ideas. Looking at the blogger point of view, they have (includes me too) many benefits. To make it crisp, look at the six benefits listed out here. The points mentioned below also say about the character of the blogger linked with the benefit.

Challenge:- A blogger keeps a target all the time and work on it. He/She is a consistently hard working person who drives energy to make others energized. So as a blogger your first achievement is that you have become a ‘hard worker’ unknowingly.

Network:- When you blog you strive hard to get hits in the mean while you will join many networks to promote your blog by the way you do networking. You ‘get new friends’ of your own interest.

Expose:- Not everyone get the attention of medias, but many get expose because of their blog. When you do blogging with passion you will get automatically exposed, many will follow and read it. Silently you are becoming a ‘celebrity’. One other kind of expose is, when a blogger wants to write on a topic he/she needs to think, this enhances bloggers level of knowledge and exposure.

Creator:- The first point conclude a blogger as a hard worker that doesn’t mean that you are not a creator. Bloggers are creators who try to tell the even same message in a different way that attracts people. You are not artistic creator instead you are ‘linguistic creator’.

Skills:- While you blog you come to know how good you are at English. When the day passes you will understand that the level of you English in writing goes up. Preeti Shenoy author of three books has said, “My blog lead me to write book”. So you will soon become an author’ when you are consistent in blogging.

Cash:- Blogging also benefits you in reaping money, you can make money by writing topics of your interest. Get Google ads to your blog and make money. Else there are chance when people visit your blog and wants you to write for their website.

If you are blogging keep blogging, you are the newbie start blogging.