Teaching students always brings happiness in me. I was so happy when I got a chance to teach English in Kongu Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Salem. My assignment was to teach 3rd standard kids and make them to speak in English. Initially I felt it is the difficult task but it was a different scenario over there. As every teacher gets a welcome, when I entered into the class, students in chorus said “GOoooooD Mooorrrrnniiinng Sirrrrrr”. I didn’t know what to say again because every child in our country will sing the same raga when they are in school. I said “Very Good Morning, Sit down”. There is quite a lot of difference when you teach kids and youngsters.

Teaching School Kids:-

I enjoyed the entire one week because I didn’t see any of my students so energetic and enthusiastic all through the day. I took 4 hours everyday and 2 hours continuously. My throat will get soared but their ear were sharp and listened to my words all the time. When you look into their eyes you will be satisfied until you die, the concentration level never dipped. Participation level in any activity is outstanding, never pester them to come to the stage. They will volunteer themselves to be there on the stage, you will not get a chance to control them. Shaping your kid is very easy but not you young chap who is sitting along with you. Teaching school kids is also a challenge, since school kids level of remembering stuffs less. So you need to teach them again and again. Keep a track of all the things you have taught them revise once in a while. Also they are naughty sometimes, while you teach any might stand up and say, “Sir, he is pinching me”, “My rubber is not there in my box”, “Shall I go to toilet?” and if one ask many will follow it. We could see the level of commitment is high and once they complete any task that you have given one by one they will come and show it to you.  Kids are afraid of canning and that’s not required all the time, if you shout louder they will respond to it. Little kids are distracted easily so teacher have great challenge in controlling them.

Teaching College Students:-

This is quite different, where students feel that teachers are thrusting theoretical concept into their mind. Since college students are mature enough, they can easily understand what you say. Level of commitment comes down when they grow up at this stage. Teaching these guys is simple since they will think beyond you, so you need to be careful while teaching them. You need to be a good friend rather than being a good teacher. Here you need to correct them since they know what to do and what not to do but they never know whether they do the right things. Difference is what they expect from a teacher, students at this age love to see different things even though you have great speaking ability they don’t listen to your monotonous speech. Activities, Games, Puzzling other things similar to this kindles their interest. A teacher should not try to make students submissive since they have grown up well. Leave them free but monitor them in regular intervals. Giving them creative jobs induces their motivates level, a teacher needs to understand this. Canning and threatening has no value here, being authoritative might work sometimes. As a teacher for graduates students you need to be perfect first because students will certainly follow you, also if you do any mistake they will spot it out immediately. This will not happen is schools.

Common aspects:-

At any level, students love games, activities and outbound training. As a teacher one need to equip themselves not only with good subject knowledge they should also know some creative methodology in teaching.