Mistakes often happen in our life and we don’t seriously think about it. Many say mistakes are the stepping stones to success. It’s always good to make mistakes since we learn from it. Yet, no one likes you when you constantly do the same mistake. Here in this post I would like share two points that is the reason for making mistake. And the limitation with this post is I have restricted the examples to office or organization. To begin,

It’s quite easy to execute anything yet people sit down and plan for many hours. According to me,

Mistakes happens in two ways one is by delaying and another is by rushing.


Delaying mounts your work and at the fag-end of the day you try to break the entire mountain with a small pin.  What ever job you are now doesn’t matter, your job is to execute and complete the work in the given time. When you pile up the work it becomes tougher and at last you feel it as the toughest job in the world. Here you start complaining about others for their inefficiency. Even though you are dependent on anyone, if you wish to complete the job, also you can complete it by getting the required information from them. Instead of blaming them get the work done just by asking questions to the person whom you are dependent to complete a task. Delaying leads to rush the job taken by you but the next heading not going to talk about rushing caused by delaying.

Delaying your office work is the biggest head ache, delaying things at your office creates trouble for your daily bread. If you delay work at your office, you will face a lot of issues at the fag-end then you will get subjected to do mistakes and get caught red-handed. So don’t delay your office work even though it’s not going to create any PHYSICAL DAMAGE to you.


You rush you work, when you get expertise and gain confidence. With that confidence you rush to complete the work fast. At this time you tend to miss simple things, that might create hell a lot of problem to you. Hierarchy doesn’t matter since your job is to ensure whether the work you did is right. This is why companies recruit managers, once the subordinates do the work. The manager needs to check and verify it. He cannot simply rush through the files, but this is what really happen in business scenario they rush through the files and gets his/her subordinate into trouble. I am not blaming only the higher officials, it happens at all levels. When we are on a call, we rush through the call and don’t get the right inputs. When we rush the work, mistakes that we do delays the work. It’s simply the rework of the work that we did already. Rushing might bring in self satisfaction but that will also create trouble. So be aware of it.

My advice is don’t rush or don’t delay have a constant pace and keep the accelerator on until you complete the work, also ensure the accelerator level will help you completing the work in the right time.