Dear TEDxSonaCollege Organizers,

There are many open letters circulating around the globe, here I am adding one more letter to it. This is not an open letter but a letter to tell you what you really made on the day and before the day of TEDxSonaCollege.

Most Memorable Gift

I still remember you guys when you met to ask about TED and TEDx, those days I didn’t had any clarity of What we are going to do and How we are going to do. Yet, I just gave you all an idea of apply for a TEDx License. The very next week I heard from Saffin Mathew, “Sir, We have applied for a TEDx License, and waiting for the reply from TED”. We were waiting for a long time to get our license approved, then one fine day we met again. At that time, Saffin Mathew and Maitri Shah told that, “Sir, License is approved, What is next?”. I was not really ready to take the responsibility of being the Staff Coordinator for the event which was set on June 9th, 2012.

The Happiness after the Event.

Being a TEDx organizer for one event you can’t stop help other TEDsters to organize one such event. So that induced me to help you out, and I started blabbering the same things again and again for which you didn’t say anything. Whatever I say to you guys today and the very next day you guys will say, “Sir, We are done. What is next?”. Just give me a break, I am not that fast. What I loved in you all is the energy, motivation and shouldering responsibility. If I am right, when I asked to get speakers list for the event the very next week you guys gave me a list of Speakers. When I got the list I felt it is the proposed list of speakers, but at your end it was finalized and even you had spoke with them and got acceptance. I was in awe at the time man, I was in awe.

I was telling you about getting sponsors, but I haven’t worked directly in collecting sponsors anytime since my college just used me to organize events. All the other parts and pieces of the event were took care by the college itself. I didn’t really had any idea about collecting sponsors. At that time, you met the Principal and Secretary of the college and explained about TED and TEDx and got permission to conduct the event and collect sponsors. Where did you guys came from? Really amazing you worked on the budget and set a target for you, also you guys achieved the target within the time span given to you.

You guys only got my help when you didn’t know where to deposit the amount you have collected, and that is the only responsibility given to me. After that I met the higher authorities of our college and got approval. Without you guys, I might not get a chance to talk with the Chairman, Secretary and Principal of our college [ I don’t want to hide this, since it’s true]. After this only the word “We” got introduced until that time it was only “I”. We began to work as a team, get permission for transportation, hall arrangements, power supply, video recording, etc etc.

We were wondering on how our tickets will get sold but we didn’t expected that demand on the day before the event. I was amazed to see you guys getting all the flex print outs done, and arranging the stage overnight. And the next day i.e: on June 9th, 2012. You guys rocked the show, the dream came to true. I could see the happiness in your eyes when we sent all the speakers to their respective places. Like a flower bloom, dawn break the sky, contentment and fulfillment were in our hearts. Marvelous and memorable dear friends. I will never forget you all in my life.

“You guys have set the benchmark for the future events”

I should mention the names of the organizers here.

1) Saffin Mathew (Licensee), 2) Maitri Shah 3) Durga Ravi 4) Ahalya 5) Hari 6) Siva 7) Naveen 8) Teja 9) Abdul Abbas 10)Siva Kannan 11) Vyashak I forgot the few other volunteers name.

Thanks for you gifts 🙂