June 5th doesn’t need to remind us, “It’s Environment Day Dude”. It’s our responsibility to remember and conserve nature for our future generation. People around us might not bother much about environment , you might be worrying why they don’t care about it. Even some don’t realize neglecting environment is going to cause a big disaster. Yet they feel when there is a problem like Tsunami, Earthquake, Scorching sun. They blame the nature for not protecting them, really we human beings are thriving on this earth by destroying nature. All those disasters are revenge people. You don’t realize it. We don’t conserve nature also we don’t reap any benefit from it. If you care for nature please do spread the message instead of educating adults educate students (children). We can also educate adults on conserving not by asking them to plant trees, create forest or water plants. Those might be tedious for them yet they can follow simpler things in their home to contribute to our Mother Nature.

1) Take bicycle rides instead of taking car. Petrol nowadays are costly and gains your weight. Why not try cycling?? Try it out. You sweat to maintain your body and also your save money in your kitty. This will practically work out for short distance travels.

2) Switch off unwanted lights. Don’t enlighten your room unnecessarily. Instead enlighten your knowledge in buying products with 5 star energy conservation(rating). Even if you find in your office, please don’t take your employer in your mind,just switch off unwanted lights/Ac’s/Fans or etc. Office space might not be yours but the energy is same for everyone.

3) Carry jute bag with you, ask the merchant to provide less quantity of plastic bag to pack your products. Use plastic only if it’s needed.

4) Grow plants, make your home greener filled with pure oxygen. Don’t dwell in-house with less oxygen level.

5) Try to spend much on reducing papers., send emails to your relatives instead of buying greeting cards for any celebrations.

6) Buy products that consume less energy, LED television, CFL bulbs, and Eco friendly products. Before buying any product check about their energy consumption and environmental friendliness. There are many products which are environment friendly and use renewable energy resources.

7) Plant and conserve at least one tree in your life time.

8) Educate your future generation about the importance of nature and it’s conservation.

We have spoiled mother nature till now and we are paying for it “Global Warming”. So it’s our time to follow simple principles to conserve our future generation.