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10 Unnoticed grave mistakes in your resume

Resume the first face of yours, for any job interview it’s highly noticed than you. In Indian Scenario, recruiters in companies keenly look into your resume rather than recruiters in a consultancy. In case of US it’s completely different because your resume was keenly looked even by the recruiter in a consultancy. So in any case your resume plays a major role in getting a job interview or the job itself. The two pages summary about you play a key role in your interview. Question will asked based on the information given in your resume, hence framing a perfect resume is a must. I have seen people working on the resume for a long time, but they haven’t done it to perfection. I am just listing out the mistakes that’s commonly done while framing a resume.

1) Spelling and Grammatical errors is the first thing noticed in resumes. Remember you are doing your resume in Microsoft Word, it’s already supported by Spell and Grammar check option. Just press F9 and you document errors will be clearly pointed out in red.

2) Alignment is the next thing people don’t look into. Many resumes have very bad alignment that immediately shows the poor appearance of the resume. High content with poor alignment is so bad when we consider Less content with perfect alignment.

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Study before your interview

Interviews are assessing your capability to check whether you will fit for the that job you have opted. Interviewee is always getting confused what to study and what not to study before an interview. To be frank, there are no rules set for any interviewer to ask systematic questions. As an interviewer they are going to study about you, you as a candidate need to prove that you are fit for the job. Interviewee should study few things before they attend any interview. Even though you have experience you need to study even though you have confidence about you. The questions that are posted in many interview tips blog or website will talk mostly on the ways that you can answer the most expected questions, but to answer it you must do some ground work that is what we are going to see today. I would suggest you to do this at least before a month or minimum of two week before you attend an interview.

Company knowledge Importance

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Che Guevera – An Icon of Revolution

“Che” is not a new name to anyone here, if he is new to you then you didn’t yet struck the chord well, fine tune and study well. Che guvera is well known for Cuban Revolution who graduated as a doctor. He is a personality not only appears only on youngsters T Shirt. His cult is still existing in many youngsters but they are dormant, if it emerges out the world will certainly see the next world war that is what Che was also trying to do. Even after first and second world war there where many things still kept unnoticed that led to this Cuban revolution lead by Che Guvera along with Fidel Castro. Continue reading

Six benefits of being a blogger

Bloggers are the people who keeps Internet alive. With all those articles published on internet with or without purpose, you spread the information around the globe. By being a blogger you have confessed yourself to dispense your knowledge to enhance others knowledge. A blogger is an inquisitive or a specialist who always intends to spread the ideas. Looking at the blogger point of view, they have (includes me too) many benefits. To make it crisp, look at the six benefits listed out here. The points mentioned below also say about the character of the blogger linked with the benefit. Continue reading

School teaching Vs College teaching

Teaching students always brings happiness in me. I was so happy when I got a chance to teach English in Kongu Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Salem. My assignment was to teach 3rd standard kids and make them to speak in English. Initially I felt it is the difficult task but it was a different scenario over there. As every teacher gets a welcome, when I entered into the class, students in chorus said “GOoooooD Mooorrrrnniiinng Sirrrrrr”. I didn’t know what to say again because every child in our country will sing the same raga when they are in school. I said “Very Good Morning, Sit down”. There is quite a lot of difference when you teach kids and youngsters. Continue reading


இயல்பை இனிமையாக

இழைப்பது கவிதை

மனிதனின் மனதை

மெல்ல திறப்பது கவிதை

புரட்சி வெடிக்க

பிறந்தது கவிதை

காதலை உணர்த்த

திரண்டது கவிதை

உலகை ஒன்று

சேர்த்தது கவிதை

என்னையும் சிந்திக்க

வைத்தது கவிதை

When do we do mistake.

Mistakes often happen in our life and we don’t seriously think about it. Many say mistakes are the stepping stones to success. It’s always good to make mistakes since we learn from it. Yet, no one likes you when you constantly do the same mistake. Here in this post I would like share two points that is the reason for making mistake. And the limitation with this post is I have restricted the examples to office or organization. To begin,

It’s quite easy to execute anything yet people sit down and plan for many hours. According to me,

Mistakes happens in two ways one is by delaying and another is by rushing.

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Letter to TEDxSonaCollege Organizers.

Dear TEDxSonaCollege Organizers,

There are many open letters circulating around the globe, here I am adding one more letter to it. This is not an open letter but a letter to tell you what you really made on the day and before the day of TEDxSonaCollege.

Most Memorable Gift

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World’s Deepest – Man Made

Few weeks before we saw World’s deepest that are naturally existing. Today with this post we are going to see world’s deepest man made. Humans were digging to get minerals, oils and other resources also made few tunnels for transports.  Like wise we have many man made deepest, you are going to explore it now.

Bingham Canyon Copper Mine:-

This is the world deepest open pit mine, it’s located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The mine is in Oquirrh Mountains, this mountain also has mineral deposits like copper, gold, silver and lead. People have carved this mountain to 1.2 km deep and 4 km wide. Can you imagine the amount of human resources and machinery required to dig a pit like this??!! Enthralled right. This mine is also called as “Kennecott Copper Mine”.

Kennecott Copper Mine or Bingham Canyon Mine

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World Environment Day and Negligence.

June 5th doesn’t need to remind us, “It’s Environment Day Dude”. It’s our responsibility to remember and conserve nature for our future generation. People around us might not bother much about environment , you might be worrying why they don’t care about it. Even some don’t realize neglecting environment is going to cause a big disaster. Yet they feel when there is a problem like Tsunami, Earthquake, Scorching sun. They blame the nature for not protecting them, really we human beings are thriving on this earth by destroying nature. All those disasters are revenge people. You don’t realize it. We don’t conserve nature also we don’t reap any benefit from it. If you care for nature please do spread the message instead of educating adults educate students (children). We can also educate adults on conserving not by asking them to plant trees, create forest or water plants. Those might be tedious for them yet they can follow simpler things in their home to contribute to our Mother Nature. Continue reading