Map showing Marina Trench

Worlds Deepest Point:-

I was in awe when James Cameron visited Challenger Deeper in an expedition. Challenger Deep is the deepest point in Earth having depth of 11,035 meters ( 11km) and it’s located in Marina Trench, Pacific Ocean. Marina trench is located near to Japan and Philippines. No one has visited this place solely but Cameron did this that make him special. You will have to look into the video link given below to understand how deep it’s. Challenger deep got it’s name from a Bristish Survey ship named HMS Challenger which first recorded the depth.

This expedition of James Cameron gave information about Challenger deep ecosystem, he also collected few samples, took videos with 3 D camera. Cameron is a film director who did fictional movies like [ Avatar, Abyss and Aliens].

Browsing on the net I could also find out few more deepest point for river, lakes and few more.

Worlds Deepest River:-

Worlds deepest river is Congo river ( also called as Zaire river) located in Africa. Depth is 220 meters (0.22 km) and ninth longest river in the world with 4700 meters length.

Congo River

World’s Deepest Cave:-

It’s located in Abkhazia, Georgia and it’s 2191 meters depth. Name of the cave is Krubera cave it’s also called as Voronya Cave. Voronya cave means Crow’s cave, it got this name because many crow’s nesting near the entrance pit.

Krubera Cave

Worlds Deepest Lake:-

Lake Baikal is the deepest fresh water lake on earth, it’s located in the Serbia (South Russian Region). Earlier in historical Chinese day this lake was called as North Sea. Average depth of this sea is 744.4 m and highest depth is 1642 m.

Lake Baikal

World’s Deepest Blue Hole:-

Blue hole is normally circular in form, and it will be filled with Water. Light blue color at the rim and dark blue in the center. Dean’s Blue Hole is deepest blue hole found on Earth. Depth measures about 202 meters.

Dean Blue’s Hole

World’s Deepest Canyon:-

Canyon are ravine (narrow deep pathway) formed while river passes on a landscape for a long time. Hope you can understand it after viewing the pic. Deepest canyon is Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon formed due to the passage of Yarlung Tsangpo River in Tibet.

Yarlung Tsangpo

Till now we have seen something which of natural, in the next post we will see some deepest part on earth that are artificially made.