Amazing, amazing, amazing book I have read till now, only because of Alexander the Great. After reading several English books my mind got diverted to read books that are available in my Mother tongue Tamil. You feel good while you read books in your own language. You travel with the story faster and understand every small piece of information clearly. Likewise a small idea helped Alexander to establish himself in front of his father Philip II Macedon. The book starts with explaining Alexander mounting and taming the horse which was a big head ache for many warriors. At the age of 13, Alexander did this scintillating work. For this great achievement Philip bought the horse and gifted it to Alexander, later he name the horse as Becephalus and was very affectionate with the horse. 

Alexander Taming Bucephalus

In the very next chapter they dealt about the History of Macedon and how Philip become the Emperor of Macedon. Following chapters explains about Alexander’s Mother and Education. Alexander was taught by two great experts in the world, one is Leonidas and next person is Aristotle. Leonidas was very strict, he taught Alexander for very few years, later it’s only Aristotle who taught him a lot about war tactics, administration, management and etc. Once Alexander completed his formal education he was given a good role in Administration part. After that Philip was assassinated, at this time Alexander took the throne, the way he ruled Macedonia was fantastic. He cared for the people as well as his main aim was to spread the culture of Greek also to learn cultures of different countries. In this book they described how Greek people was and what is their culture and other aspects related to them. Priority was given to religion and culture, sports(Olympics),poetry, music and dance.

Aristotle Tutoring Alexander

You will enjoy the book for narrating the war in a expressive way. Alexander did some fine tune inside the country later followed by conquering nations near to them. Conquering Persia was the big challenge, Alexander faced the Darius III in the war. With the very least troops in his hand, Alexander fought with Darius thrice and won in every battle. Before that Alexander satisfied their troops by relaxing many rules that was followed by their ancestors. He gave intensive training to the troops. He had strong Pike troop, Horse troop and Ground troop. Also he asked the soldiers to have all the wealth whatever they have taken during the war, he didn’t asked any soldiers to surrender it. He was supported by General Parmenion every time. Before Alexander reach India Parmenion lost his life in a battle.

King Porus surrending to Alexander

Alexander was very curious in conquering India because it was from the words of his Father Philip. He has told the richness of India and the culture of India to Alexander many times. Alexander had a great army with him yet when he came to India he was able to conquer very little part of it. Initially the troops of Alexander was vigorous due to ten year
of battle, they were very tired and was not able to put their full effort here. Also the king who admired Alexander was King Porus, even after conquering the province under Porus, Alexander gave it back to him because of his bravery. But he lost his Bucephalas, he was very much worried due to the loss of Buchephalus. After this he named a territory as Becephala. Alexander was survived with three wives, Roxana is the first women who stole Alexander’s heart. Next two of them was married due to people force when Alexander asked people to go for cross cultural marriage. The troops where withdrawn from India and everyone headed towards Macedonia.

Alexander was injured during a war while they headed to their motherland later on his health become worse. Alexander while nearing his death asked their friends to bury him with hands outside to show the world that the even the man who conquered the world died empty handed. With this book ends but the history of Alexander is going to survive till the end of the world. For you view I have added the Map that represents the countries conquered by Alexander the Great.