I don’t know what happened during the interview I have answered the questions very well, but I didn’t get through. If your mind is reciting these words. There is something you need to ponder upon. Yes the world is changing as it changes the requirements of the companies varies. You job role nowadays are getting into a narrow path, understand there are three to four employers in MNC’s working only for releasing offer letters. In this case, companies is seeking for “Doers” not “Learners”.

Don’t just be happy after framing a right resume, resume is just a gateway. Whatever you have mentioned is just giving you an edge to get a seat in the reception not in the office. So what is highly required to get the office seat.Let’s learn lesson from Sherly Sandberg, COO, Facebook. She gave a wonderful speech at Harvard Business School yesterday. Sherly told HBS 2012 batch students to build skills instead of building their resume.

Even before that she shared a story about how she hired alumnus of HBS. The candidate name is Lori, she is graduate from HBS 1997 batch. Lori just called Sherly and told she is looking for a job in Facebook, immediately after that she told I don’t want to speak much on my skills instead I would tell me a problem, I will solve it. These words from Lori inspired Sherly , right after that moment Sherly told, ” You are hired” and recruiting is the only problem. Just think , did we ever said these kind of answers in any interview.

Also companies now don’t just hire people for their skills, they also see leadership qualities in a person. Your responsibility in a company is not only to do the task given to you. You are supposed to solve day to day problems, also once you climb the career ladder you will have to lead your team. All these aspects will be evaluated now, not while you work.

Also Sheryl pointed out that one need to very clear and crisp while talking to the managers, this fits for the interview too. They will have to meet many candidates on a day, so be clear and crisp while answering. Words from Sheryl will certainly help lot of freshers, because these are the words for students who graduate from HBS. So it’s going to fit for everyone. Watch the video to get some other insights about Facebook.

To repeat the points are,

1) Build skills, not your resume.

2) Be a leader.

3) Be more clear and crisp while answering.