Thanks a lot  Mr.Ravichandran and Ms. Munavarjan Sultankhan for giving their valuable feedback.

It’s said that if you want to succeed in speeches you must have 3 points or 3 stories ( 3 point rule). It’s called the Steve Jobs way to present, that’s what the book (The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs)  written by Carmine Gallo conveys to everyone. Now I am going to reiterate the 3 point concept. Here in this blog post I would to share 3 theories for one’s life which will be helpful to everyone.

Theory of Happiness:-

Happiness is what human seeks on a day to day basis, losing happiness is like losing one’s life. People get frustrated sometimes and they attempt suicide. Even some people die. So do we get happiness from a shop?!!


So where can we find happiness? it’s solely rely on you. You are the only person who completely know about you. When you identify yourself, you can also better being yourself. When you benchmark with some person and worrying about that. It’s absolute non sense. Happiness lies only in you. There is a formula to understand “Happiness Lies in You” concept.

There are two things in life which hinders in happiness in one’s life that is “Adjustments” and “Limitations”. It’s time for you now to understand what they are and how they will affect your happiness. Happiness can’t be counted on the basis of number of times you laughed. There are times where you will sit alone feeling about yourself and analyzing why you are not happy. Even if you are alone and  if your mind is peaceful, joyous and elevated. Then it’s happiness. So happiness in my words is not for a minute or for a moment instead it for the life. Here I reveal the truth

Adjustments are done in order to make someone happy also Limitations are laid to generate happiness.

Adjustments like not scolding your son, daughter, students, wife or husband for coming late to home. So whether adjustments will lead to happiness? No certainly not. Adjustments should be there to certain level. When a student enters the class after 5 minutes of the class time then a Professor can adjust, but if the same guy comes after 15 minutes of the class and asks the Professor to give attendance then that is absolute negligence of punctuality. So adjustment can’t be done at all the time. So one should have “Limited Adjustments”

Getting into the limitations, there are time frame given to each and every work as a human being, you are supposed to work within the time frame. Fruits and vegetables have definite shelf life after some time you can’t keep that in your shelf. We are living in the world with limitations, you are supposed to work with limitations if you exceed the limitations you will encounter problems. Drawing a limitation circle around you will actually avoids people to come close to you. If you don’t let anyone to peep into the circle then that’s a serious problem. I would recommend you to have limitation in your aim, ambition, achievements, vision, goal , mission and what ever things that will help you to move above the ladder. But it’s bad to have limitations in relationship. You will have to work with certain adjustments. Hence there a small change there in the limitation that lead to a new two words “Adjusted Limitations”

We can now formulate it as your Limited adjustment is directly proportional to your happiness and Adjusted limitations is inversely proportional your happiness. That means, if you have higher Limited adjustments that will certainly increase your happiness and if your Adjusted Limitations is lesser it will automatically increase your happiness.

Happiness = Limited Adjustments/ Adjusted Limitations

Theory of Significance:- 

There are many things happening around the world, we don’t know how far that is relevant to us. Yet we should understand the level of significance to our life. That’s where we really fail, we just don’t categorize things according to the  level of significance. If there three jobs needs to be done, we should know to prioritize things according to the level of significance. When we don’t understand the level we mess up the entire things in life. Right from the things that is required for a house till allotting budget for our nation. So we need to categorize things into three levels with reference to significance. Highly significant, Significant, Less significant. 

If there are “n” number of work associated with you, you are the right person to decide what needs to done first and what needs to done last. Ultimately the decision making will be based on the level of significance. In a business scenario this theory will suit you at the best.

This significance level is also affected by some environmental factors so one need to understand the environmental factors while making a decision. You can’t stand still when a guy is met with an accident but you are on the way to a business meeting. People can wait for you to conduct business meeting but the life lost will not be regained again. So it’s not that only the significance level needs to taken while taking a decision you should also consider the environmental factors associated with it.

This significance also varies from individual to individual, if one aspect is significant for an individual that may not be significant for the other individual. Here the perception, passion, and mindset of a person decides whether that aspect is important for him/her or not.

Theory of Negativity:- 

If you want the word positive exist in the world then certainly you need the word negative. My idea is to explain whether a person needs to think negative or not. If a person only needs to think positive certainly he is going to fail in his life.

All the decisions are made to make a positive outcome considering the negative factors.

one needs to clearly understand this.  So thinking negative is not bad at all, but thinking negative all the time will lead to negativity in life. If a stunt artist feels that he will be injured by doing this stunt, he will never become a stunt artist since all through his life he need to perform to sustain in this world.

Business decisions are made with much care to avoid mistakes, those points which will lead to create mistake are due to the negative factors, so while making decision managers analyze what will happen if we do this and that. At last they arrive out these are the weak areas, problem areas we need to concentrate on to achieve our company vision. In my opinion one need to think about the negatives that will affect the positive outcome.

These theories are written out of my experience. Hope these theories will help you out in leading a happy life.

————————————————————————————————————————————————–Ms. Munavarjan clearly pointed out that all these three things are solely lies in hands of the individual. Also she pointed out one other great lacuna in nowadays generation is lack of courtesy, broad mindedness, and responsibility is lacking in Generation Y.