Yesterday the dawn broke, darkness got enlightened, a short await of twelfth standard student came to an end. As well as 10th CBSE results are also came into a limelight. I don’t know why people are so crazy about knowing the results of a twelfth standard student. Really they are torturing those students with the same question, what is your total? what is your total?, students are not getting frightened of results. It’s only because of the question they get from their relatives. Also with that mark they do even bench mark and categorize students. If a person get 950+ they feel they are highly valuable people in the world. They share sweets and spread their happiness.Also if a student get low marks, they scold him/her, punish him/her and ask them a lot of questions.

Who is creating this kind of strata, people think whoever is getting good marks are great intellectuals. Psychologically you are creating a bad image in the students mind about their marks. Understand marks alone are not important for winning in one’s life. I don’t want to give examples since many know that people who have dropped out from colleges and schools are ruling the world. To name a few in the current trend Mark Zuckerberg ( drop out from Harvard university) , Steve jobs (Drop out from Reed college) and Sachin Tendulkar ( school drop out).

Exam hall

After the results came out, the very next day you will listen to news at least 10 suicide attempts and death news. The first page will be flooded with the toppers photos, even in the consecutive pages you will find toppers in individual subjects. There is some variations among news papers that the Tamil news papers concentrates only on this news, thank god few English papers don’t do this. We all know people who get good marks needs to be appreciated for the hard work, this doesn’t mean that we need to ditch people who got less marks. Understand students are also human beings don’t rate them with their mark. Rate them with their talents, each every person do have individual talents but they don’t realize it. Realizing their talents might take time, so give them that time and as parents help them to identify their talents. ”

Don’t live in the world of illusion be more practical”