When you read this book you will understand why the word called “Discrimination” came into this world. It’s not that discrimination is new to this world which came after this book, because we are living in the world of discrimination right from the genesis of human beings. Even today we will be able to see many problems because of discrimination. The days mentioned in this book was the dark days of “Blacks”, this book doesn’t talk only about discrimination but it talk about a man who spent his entire life to eradicate discrimination, to defend the rights of Blacks, to create an equality among human beings. Hope you got his name, he is the great “Martin Luther King”.

This book is so cheap and convey about the biography of Martin Luther King who fought against racial discrimination with his heads high. He was born in Atlanta on January 15, 1929. Martin is a different person who didn’t spent time like other students he used to read lot of books. He believed in god very much. So how it began, what made him to take a decision to fight for his own rights is the first few chapters of this book. During his childhood days he has seen lot of discrimination and abuse happened to Blacks because of Whites dominance. Blacks are not allowed in Churches, Schools. Colleges. Blacks had separate seating arrangements in the bus itself, they are not supposed sit in the front if they do they will have to face lots of consequences. This made Martin to take the the Ahimsa weapon in his hand to counter attack whites. King Married Correta Scott, he was survived by four children. While he was campaigning against whites he faced many life danger moments which certainly force any one to quit the struggle. The book has described about King’s visit to India, I have a dream speech as well as Noble Prize acceptance speech.

When you go through the book you will understand how simple Martin Luther King lived. It’s not only he did a major work in Montegmory Bus strike, after getting the rights with the help of John F Kennedy he worked for North and South parts of America which is discussed well in the book. King’s life is filled with hard work, arrest, protest, claiming rights, ahimsa, Gandhi, and so on. Read the book to get more insights.