“Sculpting the Sculptor” is the English translation for the title of the book. This book is targeted to Youngsters who are in between 18 – 24 years old. The book has 16 chapters covering different topics that can kindle the senses of Youngsters. Book was written by “Kaviperarusu Vairamuthu“. The words choosen by him will certainly make the youngster to think, boil the blood, makes clarity and creates awareness about life. This book is written only for the age group in between 18 – 24 but the quotes will certainly teach people who needs motivation.

Ambition, Love, Education, Relationship, Friendship, Offence, Courage ( all are translated to English) are few chapters from the book. Since the author is a poet , the lines are so poetic and also delivers apt examples for the topics. Also the topic he choose are relevant and required for the young generation. 

When you go through the book you will understand the points are already known to you, but this book will clarify the way that you have understood about the topic. And gives a clear idea on how it should be understood. We all know what is friendship, this book will give you another perspective of friendship.

The author says ” There is no age limit for achieving any feat”. I hope the book will certainly help students and youngsters.

Hope this book should be translated into English and made available for international audience.

Vairamuthu words about Mother