I am supposed to upload 700 mb file for my brother’s access, the problem with my internet  is the connection drops suddenly. Because of this chaos, I have encountered problem in uploading those files in many websites which are providing free space for uploading documents. I struggled for around three days to find the route. I used Uploading.com( 10 GB free space), Filefactory.com (2 GB free space) and Youtube.com (Unlimited – Only Videos file upload) but nothing worked out. At the end Google drive helped me out, with the help of my brother I was able to send him the file fast that too with poor internet connection.

Now look at the steps that you can also do if you are going to upload video files to share it with your family members. You need the help of several software(s) to make the work easier. The file size that is given to me is 4 GB, since it’s a .VOB video file I converted that into .MP4 file and the video size came down to 700 mb. I used Total Video Converter and ImTOO MPEG Encoder. Here I found ImTOO MPEG Encoder shrinks the video file fast and helps you to get the desired output.

Next I converted the single file into multiple small files using WinRar ( see the image to do it).

Convert big file into small files.

Convert big file into small files.

I got around 500+ files of 1.5MB size, then I just dropped in the folder to Google drive folder. Earlier to this I opened up my Gmail account and where my Google docs have been modified to Google drive. Here, you get 5GB free upload, I downloaded Google drive software in my system then there is no need to open up my browser all the time. It will be there in the right hand side extreme bottom corner. Where I can click it and get access to Google drive anytime.

It’s good if you download the software and install the benefits are syncing the files at ease,  automatically syncing files when you drop file(even folders)  into the folder, you will be able to identify which file is syncing and which one is synced, even if internet get disconnected your sync process will get resumed, you can check how many files are yet to get upload, notification for space utilized, and ease of access to your Google drive.

By following this procedure it’s easy to upload files to share it to your friends and family. If you have good continuous internet connection you can try the websites mentioned above. Also there any many other websites like mediafire.com, megaupload.com, rapidshare.de and etc. After uploading your files to these websites you can just share the URL, with that others can download the file. But I feel Google drive is best one out of these.