City union bank CEO Dr. Kamakoti came today to our Department to meet the new joiners in their company. All the staffs are invited to the meeting just to fill the seats. Most hilarious part is, he thought the faculties sitting at the back row is also people who got selected for the bank job ( Oh!! we looked young to him). There are around 31 students got selected in City Union Bank out of that 7 were recruited as officers which is a welcome message. Dr.Kamakodi started his speech soon after the welcome address and told he will talk only for about 10 – 15 minutes. There are some lessons to be learned from his side. He started with a small but worthy advise to the students stating the mindset of the people while completing their MBA.

Dr. Kamakoti , CEO, City Union Bank

People who complete MBA think that, “They know everything in the world” and think they the boss to the Chairman of the company. He asked to completely erase this mindset while stepping into the company.

Also asked the students to come to the bank in a mindset to learn. He reiterated that, ” The theoretical part you studied will be used not more than 5%, but they will help you while giving you the complex situations”. “Develop common sense” is the most repeated point in his talk. During his talk he shared his personal story to the audience to make them to understand that the  “Shortest way to success is Hard work”. This talk with only three important point with one personal really impressed me to write a blog post. Thanks Sir.

Talking to the new joiners