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All the cities are cramming up with lot of vehicles on the road. As the vehicle population getting increased the behavior of people got changed. While I ride my bike, I used to touch my horn switch occasionally whenever I overtake another vehicle. There are many people who just keep on honking that really irritates us. This is not at all plausible.

My brother used to say when a person in Singapore blows horn at the other vehicle , that means ” The other person who is riding the vehicle has made a terrible mistake”. If this is the understanding that you had in your mind and riding your vehicle in India then you will go mad. There are many people blow horn frequently even the road is not having traffic. I don’t the purpose of honking at that time, even if you have good space while overtaking you need not to horn, then there are situations where the signal is red and people at the back honks consistently that really blow my head. SO IRRITATING , SO IRRITATING.

People creating awareness in Bengaluru

There are many newbies who rides their bike, when you honk at them they get frightened and lose their balance. Also there are wolf horns which really frighten many people especially elders. Consistent honking creates pressure in the person in front of you. So use the horn switch wisely, don’t put another person life in danger by just honking. Also read this article to know how honking used nowadays. Click here – Honking. See this video to get more information how sound affects a human being.