Life is complex, it’s simple when you try to build by piling up bricks one by one. A human seeks some help from someone who can guide him to achieve the target. For a child, lifting a small cup is a great achievement. For a youngster, getting a seat in IIT is a great achievement. For an adult, being happy is the greatest achievement. Aim differs, so you winning ways will certainly differs. Also a person’s achievement can’t be an achievement for another person. This is something  striking in my mind all the time, I am putting those points as winning ways for your view.

Analyze yourself:-

First and foremost thing a person missing to do is “Analyzing themselves”.  You must identify your strengths and weakness. Put in efforts to increase the strength, double you effort while you work on overcoming a weakness. Understanding oneself helps in creating the right space for you in the society.

Plan strategically:-

When you understood your strength you need to work strategically. It’s like “Blue Ocean Strategy” one need to understand how many people are competing with you. Also get an idea to overcome the competition. Else check out, you can easily win something else where you have less competition. Example) I am good at High jump, but I found a person who is better than me. If I competing against him it’s going to be waste of energy. Instead I found no one in the college is good at 800 meters race. I participated in the race and won gold medal. So Plan Strategically 🙂

Get the right guide:-

We forget to do this, we try to follow some ideas blindly. There are many people becoming as doctors when you are ill. It’s wise to get the right antidote from a doctor. You need to know whether you are getting the idea from the right person or not.

Inspire someone:-

When you are a child, your dad is the only hero or role model. When you grow up according to you ambition you need get inspired by some personality . There is no restriction to get inspired to only one person, you can draw inspiration from many. Take out all the positive aspects from them and learn. Why books sell more? Only because humans love to read about someone else life. Likewise, when you read about someone you learn from their mistakes. That can certainly change your life. It’s Harichandra for Gandhi, likewise find someone for you.

Work Passionately:-

Hard work and smart work are going get ruled out. Passionately work is the next trend, when you work with passion then you will not feel it as work. AR Rahman is able to create unique music, James Cameron is able to create different world, Steve Jobs changed the entire IT industry and all these are possible only because of the “Passion” they have/had towards their work.

Take opportunity:- 

There are many opportunities available in the world. Picking the right one and utilize the opportunity will take you . You will get another chance but the opportunity will not be the same. Make hay while the sun shines.

Build knowledge:-

To get socialized, to network, to create one should possess talent. Talents are acquired by building knowledge. If you need to get noticed among the 7 billion population you should have good knowledge in a field. As I said, you can effectively utilize the opportunity only when posses good knowledge.