Interview are the most complicated one in anyone’s life as a fresh graduate. There will be around one or many person asking you a lot of general as well as theoretical question to test your knowledge. We don’t know how to tackle those people while they ask questions, but you can easily turn the interview to your side. To turn interview to your side you will have follow these two simple tips.Framing your resume correctly:-
Resume gives information about you before you enter into the interview hall. Framing the right resume with your areas of interest and projecting those key areas of your interest will certainly help in restricting the question. It’s also your responsibility not to overload your resume with lot of information that will also be deleterious, they might bombard you will very tough questions. If you have already given explanations in your resume then the interview will think you know more than this, then he/she will ask tough questions. So take time to give the right basic information.There is a check here, when you give information about your areas of interest, you will have to be very clear about your interest area. Example:- If your areas of interest is C, C++ then you should know the latest updates in those languages and how it’s been practically used.

Answering “Tell me about yourself”:-
              90% of the interview starts with this question, it can be in some other forms like, “Run through your resume”, ” Introduce yourself”, etc etc. This is the first question helping you to take an advantage of the interview. Rightly pitching for this question makes the interviewer to ask further question in your areas of interest. When you are going to finish the answer speak more on your interest areas, then the next question will be from your areas of interest (99% sure).

When an interviewer starts to question you, he will start with asking an introduction about you and then the following questions will be from your resume or from your answers. Your answers will lead them to ask more questions. One need to know this concept then you can easily tackle any interview. All the best 🙂