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World’s deepest

Map showing Marina Trench

Worlds Deepest Point:-

I was in awe when James Cameron visited Challenger Deeper in an expedition. Challenger Deep is the deepest point in Earth having depth of 11,035 meters ( 11km) and it’s located in Marina Trench, Pacific Ocean. Marina trench is located near to Japan and Philippines. No one has visited this place solely but Cameron did this that make him special. You will have to look into the video link given below to understand how deep it’s. Challenger deep got it’s name from a Bristish Survey ship named HMS Challenger which first recorded the depth. Continue reading


Non verbal mistakes in an Interview.


This picture is roaming in Facebook, here they found many non verbal movements that help interviewers to evaluate a candidates. Also they have pointed out the common non verbal mistakes that we do during an interview. Take a note of it, then have a note while you enter into the interview hall. Hope this will help you out 🙂

Ancient Killing Methods

We feel executing criminals by hanging is a heinous crime. I feel it’s better when we compare with the execution methods followed in the ancient times. People were tormented and killed in different methods to make people live with moral. The executions were so cruel and you can’t even imagine those things. Those victims are killed by different methods that’s what we are going to see. I am just going to list out few methods that I feel as most cruel, also all the methods is used to kill human beings who involve in criminal activities or held as captive. Crucifixion is the first term I read while going through the life history of Alexander the Great. He crucifix Pausanias of Orestis who killed his father Philip II Macedon. Let’s see this method of killing first.


This method of killing was prevalent during Roman empire day, but it got famous by Crucifix of Jesus Christ. They will be nailed to a long wooden cross, they will be left over there. People mostly survive after they got nailed to the wooden cross but they will die soon because of starvation and infection. This creates excruciating pain, humiliation, and severe trauma to the victim.

Crucifixion of Christ

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Alexander the Great – Tamil Book review

Amazing, amazing, amazing book I have read till now, only because of Alexander the Great. After reading several English books my mind got diverted to read books that are available in my Mother tongue Tamil. You feel good while you read books in your own language. You travel with the story faster and understand every small piece of information clearly. Likewise a small idea helped Alexander to establish himself in front of his father Philip II Macedon. The book starts with explaining Alexander mounting and taming the horse which was a big head ache for many warriors. At the age of 13, Alexander did this scintillating work. For this great achievement Philip bought the horse and gifted it to Alexander, later he name the horse as Becephalus and was very affectionate with the horse. 

Alexander Taming Bucephalus

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Interview tips from Sherly Sandberg speech

I don’t know what happened during the interview I have answered the questions very well, but I didn’t get through. If your mind is reciting these words. There is something you need to ponder upon. Yes the world is changing as it changes the requirements of the companies varies. You job role nowadays are getting into a narrow path, understand there are three to four employers in MNC’s working only for releasing offer letters. In this case, companies is seeking for “Doers” not “Learners”.

Don’t just be happy after framing a right resume, resume is just a gateway. Whatever you have mentioned is just giving you an edge to get a seat in the reception not in the office. So what is highly required to get the office seat.Let’s learn lesson from Sherly Sandberg, COO, Facebook. She gave a wonderful speech at Harvard Business School yesterday. Sherly told HBS 2012 batch students to build skills instead of building their resume. Continue reading

3 theories for Life.

Thanks a lot  Mr.Ravichandran and Ms. Munavarjan Sultankhan for giving their valuable feedback.

It’s said that if you want to succeed in speeches you must have 3 points or 3 stories ( 3 point rule). It’s called the Steve Jobs way to present, that’s what the book (The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs)  written by Carmine Gallo conveys to everyone. Now I am going to reiterate the 3 point concept. Here in this blog post I would to share 3 theories for one’s life which will be helpful to everyone. Continue reading

Plus two exam struggle

Yesterday the dawn broke, darkness got enlightened, a short await of twelfth standard student came to an end. As well as 10th CBSE results are also came into a limelight. I don’t know why people are so crazy about knowing the results of a twelfth standard student. Really they are torturing those students with the same question, what is your total? what is your total?, students are not getting frightened of results. It’s only because of the question they get from their relatives. Also with that mark they do even bench mark and categorize students. If a person get 950+ they feel they are highly valuable people in the world. They share sweets and spread their happiness.Also if a student get low marks, they scold him/her, punish him/her and ask them a lot of questions.

Who is creating this kind of strata, people think whoever is getting good marks are great intellectuals. Psychologically you are creating a bad image in the students mind about their marks. Understand marks alone are not important for winning in one’s life. I don’t want to give examples since many know that people who have dropped out from colleges and schools are ruling the world. To name a few in the current trend Mark Zuckerberg ( drop out from Harvard university) , Steve jobs (Drop out from Reed college) and Sachin Tendulkar ( school drop out).

Exam hall

After the results came out, the very next day you will listen to news at least 10 suicide attempts and death news. The first page will be flooded with the toppers photos, even in the consecutive pages you will find toppers in individual subjects. There is some variations among news papers that the Tamil news papers concentrates only on this news, thank god few English papers don’t do this. We all know people who get good marks needs to be appreciated for the hard work, this doesn’t mean that we need to ditch people who got less marks. Understand students are also human beings don’t rate them with their mark. Rate them with their talents, each every person do have individual talents but they don’t realize it. Realizing their talents might take time, so give them that time and as parents help them to identify their talents. ”

Don’t live in the world of illusion be more practical”

Karupu Vellai (Black and White) – Book review.

When you read this book you will understand why the word called “Discrimination” came into this world. It’s not that discrimination is new to this world which came after this book, because we are living in the world of discrimination right from the genesis of human beings. Even today we will be able to see many problems because of discrimination. The days mentioned in this book was the dark days of “Blacks”, this book doesn’t talk only about discrimination but it talk about a man who spent his entire life to eradicate discrimination, to defend the rights of Blacks, to create an equality among human beings. Hope you got his name, he is the great “Martin Luther King”. Continue reading

இரவில் இருளில்

இனிமையை உணர்ந்தேன்

இமை இசைத்தும்

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புயல் காற்றில்

பூவை ஏந்தி செல்வோம்


கால்கள் நனைப்போம்

மின்னல் ஒளியில்

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