The book is so thin and have only 24 pages, it conveys a enormous information about student teacher relationship. The story starts with a note from a teacher who narrates the day spent with Ayeesha. Ayeesha is a brilliant girl and she is an exemplary example of a student. She is supported by her aunty since she lost her mom and dad. Ayeesha is very active in the class and ask thought provoking questions to the teachers that makes many teachers annoyed. She is been canned by many teachers because of asking question, the only teacher who helped her is none but the teacher who writes this story.

Ayeesha becomes very close to the only teacher who supports her and that helps the teacher to gain a lot of information. Also she used to take books from district library without the librarian’s notice and keeps it back after she finishes it. The teacher says, “Ayeesha is slowly converting me into a book worm” and also corrects Ayeesha not to take book without the librarian notice. This wonderful girl faces a lot of pressure from other teachers and faces a miserable end. Ayeesha is the best example of a student 🙂

Ayeesha – Tamil Version

I feel as a Asst.Professor this is a short story to enlighten “Teachers” on the way they think about their Students. I got the essence I would like all of you taste it, here is the link to read it in English.

Click here – Ayeesha short story