You all know that we have Knowledge forum on every week, this time we had very less turn out because of students exams. I requested Mr.Saffin Mathew, Final year engineering student who is the current license holder of TEDxSonaCollege to speak about TEDx. Mr.Saffin is a confident and self motivated person, he walked in front of the audience and explained about TED, TEDx and TEDxSonaCollege. Also he gave out the speakers list who have confirmed their presence. At this moment I should mention about  my friend Mr.Veera Raghavan Sampath who brought TED taste to Salem first with TEDxSalem event. His work was astounding and worth mentioning here. I am thanking him with this post 🙂 Thanks a lot Veera 🙂


Mr.Saffin Mathew explaining about TEDxSonaCollege Speakers

Mr.Ramu speaking on Privatization

After his informative speech about TEDx, we had Mr.Ramu who spoke about “Privatization”, he explained the benefits of privatization.  He gave an interesting information that suits present situation in Tamil Nadu. Due to Privatization of Electricity Board in UK, consumers are eligible to get compensation money if they had power cuts in their home. If we implement in Tamil Nadu now, the compensation will match the GDP of India. :P. Also he told privatization will increase competition, reduce prices, increase product quality.

It’s time to make this forum formalized. I am going to work on it. Ideas and suggestions are welcome 🙂