I woke up today by 6 am and my mom asked, ” Why you woke too early today, you used to do this while you were studying schools”. Yes I will wake up early in leave days to play with my friends, never I woke up earlier in during the weekdays. So I went back to bed again. My mom left her mobile phone and went upstairs, her mobile rang up that disturbed my unconscious mind. I woke up, took the mobile, it was my aunt calling. I picked up the call and talked to her. She said, “Your sister immediately requires 2 uints of A+ve blood”. I just didn’t know what to do since I donated two weeks before and my blood group is A+ve :(.

I picked my mobile and sent SMS to three of my students (So bad that I didn’t called them, sorry guys). I got reply from two students, one is from Muthu Kumar and another one was a call from Kathirvel. These two guys really worked hard for Community development program. By 9.30 am I confirmed two donors from my students. Donors names are Dheepan and Damodharan.

Dheepan is the first time donor and Damodharan has donated blood for around 20 times. It took an hour to make them ready for blood donation. In the meanwhile I was interacting with Damodharan at that time only I came to know that he has donated blood for around 20 times. One interesting thing I noticed in him is, he is very enthusiastic in donating blood. He actually thanked me in giving opportunity to donate blood. Damodharan said, ” If I give blood to many people, at least one will turn up when I need” that word really stole my heart. Even Dheepan didn’t gave any gray look even though he is a first time donor. 

There were a lot of problem in finding a blood bank, one blood bank named “Queen Marys” is actually near to the hospital said they don’t have the technician with them. At last, we went to Salem Blood Bank, they immediately responded and took blood from Dheepan as well as from Damodharan. There I found a technician who is working over there, she is very energetic and gets the work done faster. Also she enquired everyone who is coming to the blood bank and asking about their willingness to donate blood bank. Since I donated blood two weeks before I need to wait for another 3 months to donate again. So I booked donation on my birthday and that will be my 6th donation, I am hoping to cross Dhamodharan feat. I am done, what about you?

Heart felted thanks to Muthukumar, Parthasarathy, Kathirvel, Dhamodharan and the first time donor Dheepan 🙂  You all helped my sister 🙂 🙂

“Donate blood save life” and “Pollute less to save Mother Earth”