Knowledge forum is going on a great track. We had three novice speakers and one speaker from the corporate. We are really happy to have Mr.Ramesh , Area Sales Officer, Nestle for this weeks’ knowledge forum. I am really happy to say that the number of people coming to this forum is consistent and making a great difference.

Mr.Damodaran is my student who really had difficulty in talking on the stage. He walked in front of the audience to talk on ” Individual Difference in Indian Economy”. He talked how individuals are affected with the change in Indian economy and also how black economy is hindering the growth of citizens in India. It’s a great break through to see him on stage without notes and speaking with little bit of stammering and delivering with confidence. Hats off to him 🙂

Mr. Prakasam spoke about Jan Lokpal and explained the concepts. Next, we had Mr.Keerthi Thirumavalavan who spoke in Tamil about Tamil culture and how it’s related to Management concepts. He told achievements of Cholas and how they traded with foreign countries that was an amazing information.

The last speaker for the session was Mr. Ramesh, Area Sales Officer, Nestle. He spoke about Nestle and how it functions in India as well as globally. At the end we had interesting interactive session with him. We concluded this session by thanking the participants and as a surprise we got Ms.Prabha Devi, Asst. Professor from our department. Her advises worth a lot. I would like to thank Mr.Riyaz Ahmed for giving me continuous support 🙂