I was in a dilemma whether to integrate this blog with my wordpress blog http://balachandarksr.wordpress.com. I think it’s stupidity to integrate, since this blog is well known for many people.              There is a lot of change in my life that hindered me in writing articled in this blog. So a small update about me. I am glad to say that, “I am now an Assistant Professor with Sona College of Technology”. With the change over I am really finding time to write for the benefit of fresh graduates.I have frequently changed my career that didn’t let me down till now. Whenever I attend an interview I got selected. I have failed many times in interviews that I attended as a fresher and after that I really didn’t faced any difficulty in finding another job since your previous job gives you an edge over others. Also whenever I change the job I try to gather information about the company as well as about the job profile, that’s the success mantra to get a job.Now let’s get into the topic, you might know how to write you aim with the last post. In this post I would like to explain how the educational qualifications should be written on a resume. For fresh graduates it’s their educational qualification helps them to get an interview. While screening your resume HR’s will note down your educational qualification also they will ask you many questions your basic qualification. There are different ways that you can put down your qualifications. People use different formats like Tables or List down method. See the examples given below.

Here you should note two things,

1) If you are writing Percentage of Marks in the column heading then you are not suppose to add percentage symbol (%) near to the mark.

2) Give the details correctly that should include the college name, place and educational qualification.

The next method is your List Down method,

List down method

Check the marks part here, since it’s only mentioned as Aggregate I have used percentage symbol (%)
near to my mark.

Even you can come up with new ideas, but it should be pleasing. You are done with the next step. Let’s see the third step soon. 🙂

Life is easy only when you understand yourself
By Balachandar 😛