On Friday, March 30th 2012 I started Knowledge forum with the help of Mr. Riyaz Ahmed. We have a lot of forums already and also we have lot of organizations to discuss and spend time. Do we need another forum? If this is the question in your mind, I am ready to answer it.
When I joined Sona College of Technology I really had a plan to do something for the students where they can participate and do. After attending a lot of TEDx conferences and also attending Sri Shakthi India Leadership Summit inspired me to start something to benefit my students. I found many of my students lack fluency in English and also they are not able to speak on the stage.  This forum will help me as well as my students to learn speaking in English in the meanwhile they will get knowledge. There were around 21 people on that day who stayed in between 5.30pm and 7 pm that includes two girls. I was elated and inspired by their eagerness. We are not following any stringent rules as of now, but it’s under process. If you are coming up with any idea please do shoot an email to balasiddu@gmail.com.

On the very first day we had three speakers that include me too. I didn’t plan to bring speakers from other departments. Yet if they see me all the week speaking that will be really tough, also students will get bored. So I brought Ms. Reshma from Training department to speak on the topic called “Break the Jinx”. This topic is focuses more on getting rid of their fear on English. Ms. Reshma delivered well on the topic that really helped many students. Later I did my part on “It’s Your Presentation” topic. This topic conveys them about presenting themselves on the stage, how to speak and prepare presentation.

Ms. Reshma Mohan Lecturing to Students

The last topic is more general since they have already come to know how to develop English and also how to speak on Stage. It was delivered by Mr.Riyaz Ahmed, I recorded his presentation for a while. The voice clarity was not that good to listen. In the later event’s I am planning to record the speeches to help students on how they improved themselves. I hope this work will continue for a long term.

Students listening to the lecture