When you visit a country you will certainly have a purpose. Yes, Yukichi Yamamatsu is a Manga artist comes to India by 2004 to market his Manga books. Manga is a Japanese word meaning “Comic / Cartoons”. Adults in India don’t have the habit of reading comic books, this strikes Yukichi brain which led him to fly from Japan. As he reached India (New Delhi) he faces a lot of cultural conflicts and undergoes a serious trouble, he has captured the entire happenings through his comic book “Stupid Guy Goes to India”

Yukichi Yamamatsu with his book

When I ordered this book, I really didn’t have any idea about this book. When I received this book I opened and found the front cover reading, “Hey, This is the back cover”. This is the first cultural conflict which made Yukichi to spend one and half years in India to market the book.
Yes this book has to read from the back and that too you will have to read from right to left. I got used to it and I was travelling from Chennai to Salem, a passenger took this book and even I asked him to read from the back. He found it very hard and gave me the book after reading two pages.
After reaching India, Yukichi stays in a Hotel and orders food for him after having a single spoon of food he found it too spicy. The way he depicted in the picture will certainly make anyone to laugh. Later he will find difficulty to get the right auto person also when he changes the auto person there will a conflict between those two auto men. Whenever he goes out people will approach him to sell something at higher price. Since he came with an idea to sell books here, he wanted to take a rented house and stay there. He will not get a house at his budget range of Rs.4500. All the brokers will show him the house at Rs.8000. The houses shown at Rs.4500 will be filthy and it’s of no good.

A page from the book

At last he will find a good house to settle. After that his night mare starts, he will now try to translate his Manga book, for that he will search for many Japan school to find out people who can work for Part Time. Also to find the printing press at his cost, he will spend a lot of time. Once the book is translated with lot of hurdles he will try to sell it in the market. Everyone will come and look at his book, but there is no history of sales. Frustrated Yukichi will do some other business to gain money; he will buy cello tapes and makes an addition to it with steel plates to make it easy to tear.  At least those cello tapes sold a little bit but not his books. The only happiness left when he leaves India is winning Rs.5000+ by betting on horse races.
There is a lot of interesting facts given in the book in a humorous way, so it’s now time for the adult in India to buy comic books and read 🙂