There were lot of things I wanted to write for the past two weeks, yet I didn’t find time to write. Today is Sunday; I would like to complete the blog post. First I would like to list out the incidences that pushed me to write. In this post I will cover one of the incidences listed below.
1)    Stupid guy goes to India – Book review.
2)    Day when Sagaa asked me to click
3)    It’s fortunate – I went to Yercaud
4)    Bright sun in Midnight – Day one of Knowledge forum

The first incident out all these is “Day when Sagaa asked me to click”, let’s move into that day first. I know Sivachandran for a long time. He studied Higher Secondary education with me; he is a studious guy. When I came to Salem, Siva met me and explained about “SAGAA TRUST”. Sagaa means friends. He started off the trust with the trust in his friends, now Sagaa has done two contributions. Sagaa doesn’t choose any one sector to get benefited; instead they help people who are in real difficulty.
By Friday evening I received call from Siva and I hesitantly took it, he asked me to come to Five roads. I didn’t know why he is calling me, later he told he is going to donate tricycle to a physically challenged person with the help of Lion’s club through “Association for Disabled People, Salem”. I didn’t even contribute a penny till now to Sagaa trust except clicking pictures. So I went over there with my camera and clicked the picture of the beneficiary and people who present over there. Beneficiary is a bold man he has his own business and said this tricycle will help him a lot to improve the business.
So It’s implied that I should post some pictures of the day, here they are…

Sagaa's quotes by Shiva

Beneficiary receiving the tricycle

Shiva talking with Beneficiary

There are lots of people who don’t care about their disability instead they find out their ability to turn the world towards them.