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This image is getting circulated in Facebook and I feel it’s worth sharing here also. This is the major difference you should know while framing your resume , hope this will help you all.


Ayeesha – A Short Tamil Story- Book Review

The book is so thin and have only 24 pages, it conveys a enormous information about student teacher relationship. The story starts with a note from a teacher who narrates the day spent with Ayeesha. Ayeesha is a brilliant girl and she is an exemplary example of a student. She is supported by her aunty since she lost her mom and dad. Ayeesha is very active in the class and ask thought provoking questions to the teachers that makes many teachers annoyed. She is been canned by many teachers because of asking question, the only teacher who helped her is none but the teacher who writes this story. Continue reading

TEDx is an Idea worth spreading

You all know that we have Knowledge forum on every week, this time we had very less turn out because of students exams. I requested Mr.Saffin Mathew, Final year engineering student who is the current license holder of TEDxSonaCollege to speak about TEDx. Mr.Saffin is a confident and self motivated person, he walked in front of the audience and explained about TED, TEDx and TEDxSonaCollege. Also he gave out the speakers list who have confirmed their presence. At this moment I should mention about  my friend Mr.Veera Raghavan Sampath who brought TED taste to Salem first with TEDxSalem event. His work was astounding and worth mentioning here. I am thanking him with this post 🙂 Thanks a lot Veera 🙂 Continue reading

Knowledge forum was different last week.

We didn’t had speakers, we didn’t had any agenda but we started the forum for this week with an idea to have Mock Interview session for students. We started sharply by 5.40pm the strength was around 22. Myself and Riyaz sir took the interviewer seat and sat comfortably. We thought of interview everyone, but when we completed around 7 people the time was 6.40pm. So we thought of stopping the mock interview session and gave individual feedback of the students. Mr.Riyaz gave inputs that I have missed during the individual feedback session. We understood that students have nervousness, lack of clarity in speech, confusion, improper body language and some small mistakes.They can rectify if they practice again, we gave them hope that we will conduct it again. Got good feedback about this session.

Interview fear

Translation is not easy

I have translated Three TED talks and reviewed one talk. This will help many people to understand the complex things easily through their mother language. TED talk translation has to be completed in 30 days and it will be reviewed in 15 days by another person then only it will get published in your profile as well as in TED stage. The translations I did listed below, click the link to watch it in Tamil.

Marco Tempest : Augumented Reality, techno – magic

Camille Seaman: Haunting photos of polar ice

Aditi Shankardass: A second opinion on learning disorders

You can become a translator and translate TED talks that can help your community to analyze and discuss on it, but I faced a lot of problem while doing translation and also while reviewing a TED talk.

TED Translation graph

Problems in Translation:-

  • Since the talk is in English, it’s really tough to translate into Tamil. There are many technical jargon in many talks, to find the suitable Tamil word you will have to dig your head. There are two good websites to help you out in finding suitable words.

  • Even though you find difficulty in identifying words like “Electroencephalography” , “Yuck”, “Yippee” and other engineering oriented terms.
  • Also the coherence is the major problem. When a speaker speaks in English he will have a flow, to replicate the same flow it’s really difficult.
  • Next is you can’t reproduce the tone set by the speaker. He might have cracked a joke, but your translation might not generate smiles in people who view your translation.
  • You need to set the line that will bring meaning in your language, translating word by word will not work. It’s better to read the entire line and translate the entire sentence into your language.
  • Read line by line and understand it. Also read the very next line that might have relation to the previous line. If you have missed it then your essence of translation will go in vain.
  • You cannot translate the talk in a colloquial way, so you need to put pure words from your mother tongue.

Problem while reviewing :-

I took two talks for reviewing unfortunately I was able to review only one talk. There were many difficulties in review too.

  • The translator perception will differ from you. This is the first problem.
  • While I took the review, it was mostly translation than review, that person didn’t even translated Typewriter. That’s really tough.
  • You conceive one opinion of the sentence that differs from the translator. It’s better to have a communication with the translator. Mostly they don’t respond to your emails. They think that you find fault in them.

So translation work is not easy, you need to be very curious, patience and clear while you do translation then only you can do this job.

Blood donation on Earth day

I woke up today by 6 am and my mom asked, ” Why you woke too early today, you used to do this while you were studying schools”. Yes I will wake up early in leave days to play with my friends, never I woke up earlier in during the weekdays. So I went back to bed again. My mom left her mobile phone and went upstairs, her mobile rang up that disturbed my unconscious mind. I woke up, took the mobile, it was my aunt calling. I picked up the call and talked to her. She said, “Your sister immediately requires 2 uints of A+ve blood”. I just didn’t know what to do since I donated two weeks before and my blood group is A+ve :(.

I picked my mobile and sent SMS to three of my students (So bad that I didn’t called them, sorry guys). I got reply from two students, one is from Muthu Kumar and another one was a call from Kathirvel. These two guys really worked hard for Community development program. By 9.30 am I confirmed two donors from my students. Donors names are Dheepan and Damodharan.

Dheepan is the first time donor and Damodharan has donated blood for around 20 times. It took an hour to make them ready for blood donation. In the meanwhile I was interacting with Damodharan at that time only I came to know that he has donated blood for around 20 times. One interesting thing I noticed in him is, he is very enthusiastic in donating blood. He actually thanked me in giving opportunity to donate blood. Damodharan said, ” If I give blood to many people, at least one will turn up when I need” that word really stole my heart. Even Dheepan didn’t gave any gray look even though he is a first time donor. 

There were a lot of problem in finding a blood bank, one blood bank named “Queen Marys” is actually near to the hospital said they don’t have the technician with them. At last, we went to Salem Blood Bank, they immediately responded and took blood from Dheepan as well as from Damodharan. There I found a technician who is working over there, she is very energetic and gets the work done faster. Also she enquired everyone who is coming to the blood bank and asking about their willingness to donate blood bank. Since I donated blood two weeks before I need to wait for another 3 months to donate again. So I booked donation on my birthday and that will be my 6th donation, I am hoping to cross Dhamodharan feat. I am done, what about you?

Heart felted thanks to Muthukumar, Parthasarathy, Kathirvel, Dhamodharan and the first time donor Dheepan 🙂  You all helped my sister 🙂 🙂

“Donate blood save life” and “Pollute less to save Mother Earth”

Great going!!

Knowledge forum is going on a great track. We had three novice speakers and one speaker from the corporate. We are really happy to have Mr.Ramesh , Area Sales Officer, Nestle for this weeks’ knowledge forum. I am really happy to say that the number of people coming to this forum is consistent and making a great difference.

Mr.Damodaran is my student who really had difficulty in talking on the stage. He walked in front of the audience to talk on ” Individual Difference in Indian Economy”. He talked how individuals are affected with the change in Indian economy and also how black economy is hindering the growth of citizens in India. It’s a great break through to see him on stage without notes and speaking with little bit of stammering and delivering with confidence. Hats off to him 🙂

Mr. Prakasam spoke about Jan Lokpal and explained the concepts. Next, we had Mr.Keerthi Thirumavalavan who spoke in Tamil about Tamil culture and how it’s related to Management concepts. He told achievements of Cholas and how they traded with foreign countries that was an amazing information.

The last speaker for the session was Mr. Ramesh, Area Sales Officer, Nestle. He spoke about Nestle and how it functions in India as well as globally. At the end we had interesting interactive session with him. We concluded this session by thanking the participants and as a surprise we got Ms.Prabha Devi, Asst. Professor from our department. Her advises worth a lot. I would like to thank Mr.Riyaz Ahmed for giving me continuous support 🙂

Preparing your resume – Step 2

              I was in a dilemma whether to integrate this blog with my wordpress blog I think it’s stupidity to integrate, since this blog is well known for many people.              There is a lot of change in my life that hindered me in writing articled in this blog. So a small update about me. I am glad to say that, “I am now an Assistant Professor with Sona College of Technology”. With the change over I am really finding time to write for the benefit of fresh graduates.I have frequently changed my career that didn’t let me down till now. Whenever I attend an interview I got selected. I have failed many times in interviews that I attended as a fresher and after that I really didn’t faced any difficulty in finding another job since your previous job gives you an edge over others. Also whenever I change the job I try to gather information about the company as well as about the job profile, that’s the success mantra to get a job.Now let’s get into the topic, you might know how to write you aim with the last post. In this post I would like to explain how the educational qualifications should be written on a resume. For fresh graduates it’s their educational qualification helps them to get an interview. While screening your resume HR’s will note down your educational qualification also they will ask you many questions your basic qualification. There are different ways that you can put down your qualifications. People use different formats like Tables or List down method. See the examples given below.

Continue reading

From Life to Telecommunication.

Knowledge forum started early this week with three novice speakers and one excellent speaker from Computer Science Department. We started a little bit early and it was started with a lot of enthusiasm. To encourage and motivate my students I have taken a print out with the speakers list also it was stick on the notice board of all the first year classroom. We are yet to frame rules and regulations for this forum, yet we decided to go ahead with one constrain that no speakers should exceed 20 minutes time. It may seem to be a copy from TED format, yes we will have to accept it, since I feel if there is a good thing we need to imbibe in and we are following the same. Getting into the list of speakers

Logo designed by Mr.Riyaz Ahmed - Special "THANKS" to him

1) Mr. Maniguru who spoke on “What’s there in Pranab’s suitcase? – It was a basic explanation about Indian budget 2012. Merits such as raising the level in the income tax level and demerits such as disinvestment of public sectors companies have been cleanly listed. That was an informative speech!!

Mr. Maniguru explaining Budget 2012.

2) Mr. Jaya krishna kumar spoke on ” How to be successful in life”. I was taking video of this guy, he was covering the entire stage that made me to turn my cam towards him all the time that really kept the audience concentrating on his speech. He quoted 10 success mantras from Swami Vivekananda which was absolutely suitable for students.


3) Mr. Ruban spoke on “Share Markets” since we asked him to speak immediately in a hurry he came on to the stage and did a beautiful job in explaining what is an IPO , Equity and other terms related to it.

Mr. Ruban speaks about "Share Markets"

4) Prof. Mr. Samilson Edward is the last person to come on to the stage. With his power packed slides and information he kept audience at the feet. He talked on ” Telecommunication” and he explained about the same to our level. It was so informative and awakening. Thanks to Mr.Samilson Edward for joining us this week.

On the whole, it was a great week the level of interest in learning English and talking on the stage has increased a lot. Last week when I asked who is going to present next week, I could see only few hands up, this week it was around 8 people raising their hands, I really liked that moment of the day. We gave feedback to improve them. Hoping the next week will have more interesting, thought provoking and awakening session.


My students worked for the society.

It was a rainy welcome on the day when I went to Yercaud hill station with my students, my students have a program to uplift village in curriculum wise and it’s named in the college as “Community Development Program”. They took it with interest, started this work before three weeks I didn’t went to a day program since I didn’t feel going over there. On that day itself my students focused on a school in Yercaud. Nobody knows that Yercaud has around 48 schools. Even after having 48 schools in the entire taluk, students discontinue their education due to several reasons. They don’t like to study, so they quit school and enter into a daily wage job. Else they were forced by parents for their daily bread. Unless or until they realize the real benefit of education this scenario will continue forever. So my students chose schools and organized an event over there to motivate students to continue their education.

College Students showing Videos to School students

Mr. Easterly, English Teacher at the school helped us a lot in gathering students in a common hall and also arranged us the speakers and mike sets. He is from Tirunelveli currently doing a wonderful job here. He proudly says he has given 100% results last year in Twelfth standard. And also The Principal in charge Mr. Ali sponsored us Tea and Snacks. We thank them with this post.

Ruban explaining to students about different courses and careers

There are around 15+ students from my team; I would like to list them here since they dedicated their day with the school kids. They organized, conducted games, showed them motivational videos, delivered them lecture about career planning and also gave them tips for cracking tenth examination.
1)    Muthukumar
2)    Kathirvel
3)    Mohan
4)    Eswar
5)    Sujitha
6)    Hima pun
7)    Nithya
8)    Geetha
9)    Rathy
10)    Sathesh
11)    Ruban Jeyaraj
12)    Mohammed Nizar
13)    Sivagami
14)    Yuvaraj
15)    Sennivel

Our students were further motivated by a small article in Thinamani and Tamil Murasu. I will post the pictures here soon!