In a class have many thought process going. Some listen ,some pretend to listen, and some live in a different world . There are many myths existing in a classroom. I would like to share it with you all now.I would like to give it from a Professor view as well as the student view.

Professor view with their ideas in the brackets:-

Myth 1 # Students are not intelligent and they don’t know anything about the subject. [So I can teach anything]

Myth 2# Students don’t listen to the class. [ Why should I put my efforts and waste energy]

Myth 3# Students are naughty and imperfect. [ I came to take a class, this is not a moral education class]

Myth 4# They don’t have any doubts. [ I need not to ask anyone whether you understood or not ]

Myth 5# If they are silent, they understand everything.

Myth 6# If Professor tells a joke, that will change the mood of the entire class. [ When I am serious and strict they listen to me instead of being lenient]

Myth 7# All the students are brilliant in a class, hence teach them at HARVARD UNIVERSITY level. [ They came to Post Graduate Class why should explain them simply, make it complex]

Students view and their thoughts:-

Myth 1# Professor knows everything. [ So ask him question, if he don’t reply he know nothing.]

Myth 2# Professor lenience can be exploited. [He will not question even if I do a murder]

Myth 3# Professor cannot notice me while I sleep.

Myth 4# He/She corrects paper without reading it.

Myth 5# He/She don’t notice any of my activity.

Add more myths to this post if you know.