Motivation is the most prime factor that will help people to climb the ladder. I personally felt that, I didn’t received any small gift from my Professor’s. So, I started my class with presenting chocolates to my students. I am not trying to impress them, but I am trying to motivate them to study more. On any surprise day, I will post them a question, one who comes up first with right answer will receive a chocolate.

Today it was great, I am now pulling out people asking to present on any topic of their interest. My student Naresh is so silent in the class as well as naughty sometimes, he wears a broad black color framed spectacles. I have asked him to present on a product, he choose BSNL Tablets ( in collaboration with Pental technologies). I liked him very much because he prepared a PPT within a day with all the details and presented to the students very clearly and concisely. After finishing the presentation he said, “Sir, I have a question to ask you”

I was really shocked, I didn’t know what is the question he is going to ask me. My inner mind said, “Bala, if you are not able to answer then you are not a good teacher” :P. With courage I said, “Go ahead”

He asked a question from the presentation, like ” Who is the competitor for BSNL Tablet?”

Since I listened to the presentation I gave the right answer. Surprisingly he presented me a chocolate. I am so happy for that 🙂 Thanks a lot students… You are keeping the class alive.

Day of Joy with Chocolate