It’s a very fine day, I was very eager in teaching my students about “Industrial Buying Process”. On this day I realized I could understand why my teachers and professors where say, “Hey, you are physically present and mentally absent”

To make the topic simpler I began the class buy saying about raw material required to make a product. It’s all about B2B (Business to Business), so they will have to know how the business people will buy products to make products or services to make the end customer smile till it reach their ears. Since the buying process of a consumer has already been taught I wrote the entire Consumer Decision Making Process on the white board on the right hand corner and gave a revision. Now, there are a little modification needs to be done to make that into “Industrial Buying Process”, while I was making the change I didn’t changed the title to “Industrial Buying Process” there lies the secret or my memory loss :P. When I was turning towards the board people normally talk each other, on that day it was too noisy I felt that it’s going beyond the critical level.

I turned towards them and asked, ” Tell me the topic that we are discussing now?” I didn’t asked this question to the entire crowd, I pointed out one person and then asked him. He said, Sir….. sir… we are discussing about Consumer Decision Process after referring to the board. Phew, I got to know that people aren’t  listening to my class. I thought that he maybe the only person who said that, and then I called one other person and asked him the same question he said, ” Sir , we are discussion on CDP” . Oh my god he didn’t even get that Consumer Decision Process. Then I asked this question to 10 people in the whole class of 45 or so (15 of them are absent). I got the same answer, I asked the people in the first row they said, ” Sir, we are discussing on Industrial Buying Process”. At last a long breath , there are somebody who even listen to my class.

So professors and teachers there are FAKE LISTENERS as well as FAKE LEARNERS in the class. It’s obvious, it happens. When they are put in the long lecture for about a day, your class is a meager part. I understood that they need a break for about 2 – 3 minutes after talking about a topic (15 minutes once). Also when you presented better that doesn’t mean that everyone understood it. So ask your students whether they understood or not. Even in that don’t ask to the crowd instead ask individually.

Gonna take class on Monday.