I went into the class and enthusiastically started the class. In the beginning we had a nutshell about previous class, later I went on explaining about customer satisfaction and delight. I gave them a situation, where they pay Rs.500 to watch a movie. I asked what will be your expectation. Students said they want free snacks, service near to the seat, 4D film, 3D glasses for free, cushioned seat, dolby digital surround sound, air conditioned and etc.

Immediately, I came out with an explanation about the theater condition. After paying Rs.500 when the enter into the theater they find a big ditch running inside and it’s near to the entry point, then the speakers are not working and technicians are working on it fix it, even then adjusting all those things they wanted to have a comfortable seat when they sat on the seat something pricked them heavily. When I said these thing to them they were laughing and enjoying. Because my gestures suited that situation it seems, eventually I wanted to act like a desperate unsatisfied customer. From this situation I explained them customer satisfaction. If the theater owner were able to meet the expectations he has satisfied the customer, if he exceeds and provides lot more than expected that is customer delight.

To be a good teacher you also need to be a good actor 😛 Enna koduma sir ithu..