It’s an interesting experience to start a class immediately after lunch, yet people listened to me. Went into the class and said “Good afternoon”, there was a chorus “Good afternoon”. Since it’s the first day class I didn’t want to take much and make them feel bored. So just explained them, What is marketing? and defined marketing a little bit.  Also pointed out the difference between “Need and Want”.

Need – The basic requirements of a person.

Wants – Desire/Wish of a person.

Marketing is, “Identifying the needs and wants of a person and satisfying him”.

Today I didn’t want to make the class complicated with words and marketing terminologies. Yet, I explained some words they are

1) Satisfaction. 2) Customer delight 3) Services 4) Product 5) Price 6) Promotion 7) Place

I personally felt this is enough for the day. 🙂 Nice. Right???