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What made my students smile…?

I went into the class and enthusiastically started the class. In the beginning we had a nutshell about previous class, later I went on explaining about customer satisfaction and delight. I gave them a situation, where they pay Rs.500 to watch a movie. I asked what will be your expectation. Students said they want free snacks, service near to the seat, 4D film, 3D glasses for free, cushioned seat, dolby digital surround sound, air conditioned and etc.

Immediately, I came out with an explanation about the theater condition. After paying Rs.500 when the enter into the theater they find a big ditch running inside and it’s near to the entry point, then the speakers are not working and technicians are working on it fix it, even then adjusting all those things they wanted to have a comfortable seat when they sat on the seat something pricked them heavily. When I said these thing to them they were laughing and enjoying. Because my gestures suited that situation it seems, eventually I wanted to act like a desperate unsatisfied customer. From this situation I explained them customer satisfaction. If the theater owner were able to meet the expectations he has satisfied the customer, if he exceeds and provides lot more than expected that is customer delight.

To be a good teacher you also need to be a good actor 😛 Enna koduma sir ithu..


Charged up.

Today, I had chance to make people smile. For my simple comments students were laughing and enjoying, loved to see smile spreading on their faces. Today I revised the last day class and then added details to the things that I discussed in the last day class.

Yesterday I said, ” Marketing is identifying needs and wants and satisfying the same with the company product/service (to the end customer).

Today I said it with association with the company, “Marketing is meeting the needs and wants profitably”. Here I emphasized more on revenue generation.

Yesterday we saw customer satisfaction with the simple term called SATISFY, today we saw it with some more additional information. I explained it with two different states. One is Actual state and another is expected state.

If a company is fulfilling the needs and wants to the extend which a customer expects that is called Customer satisfaction and if he exceeds it that’s called as customer delight.

For example:- You buy a pen and it’s writing well, that’s called customer satisfaction/

You buy a pen and the shop owner gives you another pen for free and making is a surprise that’s called Customer delight.

After these additions we saw Philosophies of Marketing,

That has five different aspects which is getting changed with the years.

1) Production concept – By 1920’s companies were doing mass production and low-cost products. And they believed that the product will sell.

2) Product concept – Here they believed that quality of a product is important, and product will sell itself for the quality.

3) Selling concept – Here companies made product they went to the customer with the product and convinced public to buy it and made profit.

4) Marketing concept – Here companies are more aware, they identified the needs and wants and then worked on strategies then the went ahead with selling the product. ( We will see this later in detail).

5) Societal Marketing Concept –  This is taking care of the society and customer on a long-term basis (alias) customer relationship management.

Next class will be on Marketing process.. Studying it in detail so that I can explain them without notes 🙂

First day in a class!!

It’s an interesting experience to start a class immediately after lunch, yet people listened to me. Went into the class and said “Good afternoon”, there was a chorus “Good afternoon”. Since it’s the first day class I didn’t want to take much and make them feel bored. So just explained them, What is marketing? and defined marketing a little bit.  Also pointed out the difference between “Need and Want”.

Need – The basic requirements of a person.

Wants – Desire/Wish of a person.

Marketing is, “Identifying the needs and wants of a person and satisfying him”.

Today I didn’t want to make the class complicated with words and marketing terminologies. Yet, I explained some words they are

1) Satisfaction. 2) Customer delight 3) Services 4) Product 5) Price 6) Promotion 7) Place

I personally felt this is enough for the day. 🙂 Nice. Right???