It’s wonderful to buy a book on Steve Jobs presentation skills, there are some other reasons to buy this book. I bought this book because it’s affordable for me also my profession demands presentation skills. While flipping the pages I understood it’s worth more than the price that I have paid, this book cost me Rs.245 (i.e $5 approximately). This book also captures the entire history of Steve’s products and how he explained about the product. Here I would like to put down some points so that it can help you why you need the book. This book will help CEO’s, Managers, Teachers and even students. It doesn’t matter what your profession is or the stage that you are now in presenting and speaking to the audience.

The three things that impressed me is, first is it’s simplicity, second is putting all the information about Steve’s presentation skills and third is conveying the ways you can adopt it.

Book cover

To put down some points from they the books, it’s as follows. Your presentation should not have bullet points. Even a one word slide with or without an image is enough if you are well prepared. Have images instead to text. Speak more rather instead of reading the slides. Follow the rule of three( you will get to know what it means when you buy that book). Practice, practice and practice this is the core way to improvise your presentation skills. Video tape your presentation and check how you speak and way you express your words. Share the stage with your team or people who contributed to the product and give them space to speak. Body language of Steve’s gives confidence in the speaker, Carmine Gallo captures those moments and present it to you. Also have fun while you present, it should be appropriate for the situation.

In the last page, Carmine Gallo have explained Steve Jobs Stanford Speech that will bring in enthusiasm and energy in you.

This book is highly recommended for people who have 50 – 60 slides in their presentation. Book compares Steve jobs with Bill Gates presentation, also estimates the level of words used in the presentation. Your presentation will not be the same after you read this book.

Stay hungry, Stay foolish – Steve Jobs.