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Preparing your Resume – Step by Step approach.

             I started my career as HR executive which gave me an edge to get a job in SONA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES as Assistant Professor. I am writing this blog when I started to work by getting information’s from many people I meet and gaining insights by attending many interviews. I hope, I am able to get in some sort of information which will be useful to people.             I am starting a series of resume preparation plan, I would like to begin with some general aspects later we will move into the details.When I put down a sample resume in my blog, which post topped with highest number of view than any other post. It has two options, one is they want to look and get an idea of preparing a resume or they just want to copy it. Follow these steps to get a perfect resume  
1) Gather all the details required for the resume.
2) Conceive an idea.
3) Create a picture in your mind, like which one will come first and what’s going to be next.
4) Put in all the details in a blank paper or in MS Word.
5) Include the qualifications related to the job.
6) In case you have applied for a Recruiter job, include the additional courses (if any) you have completed in Human Resources (HR). In case you are applying for Animator job, you need to mention about the programming skills that is related to the profession.
7) Right from the beginning your resume should target the job and your resume should get an opportunity to meet the interviewers. To grab that opportunity it’s not intended to give fake or faulty information, this will affect your performance in the interview.
8) Double check the information you provided. Have supporting documents to validate the details given by you.
9) Use simple, crisp and short words to explain your qualification and credentials.
10)  Highlight your achievements and aspects related to the job.
11) Quantify the details.

a.        For Example: – When you apply for a sales executive job, instead of putting “Increased the sales of the company”, you can put it like “Increased 50% of the sales” or “Generated $5 million revenue to the company”. This will help you in establishing yourself among others.
      12)   Put the latest information first and continue in the descending order.
      13)   Include valuable references in your resume.
      14)   Ensure you have included personal details in the resume.
      15)   Don’t have more filler to make your resume to two or three pages. Fresher are advised to have short two paged resume.
Almost these are the key points you should have in your mind to frame a resume. We will move in detail to get more clarity.  Resume starts with an aim or objective or introduction, which is helpful in understanding the career plan of an individual. When it’s a walking recruiters or HR’s might not read through it. Yet I did that when I screened people’s resume to understand whether he prepare the resume by himself or it’s copied from someone else.
Aims always have an impact in your resume; experienced people will put their years of experience in their aim itself and start writing about their expectations. While fresher will go ahead with just their interest, since we are more interested in helping fresher candidate our discussion will be only about Fresher’s.
                “Seeking a job……….”
                “To obtain a job….”
                “Looking for an opportunity…”
All these words are stating a purpose but it’s not stating your interest. You need to be clearer in framing your aim. It should start like,
                “Seeking a HR job…”, “To obtain a software programmer position….”…
Convey them about your suitability for the position. When you are looking for Marketing job and if your qualification is MBA Marketing, include in your aim that you have marketing skills and knowledge.

                “To work with an organization as Marketing professional where I can utilize my marketing skills and Knowledge that I obtained academically…”
Also if you know the designation of the job you can directly mention it in the aim. Else try to relate the aim according to the job position. Convey them how you can contribute to the organization and development of the same. Don’t generalize your resume, if you are applying for some other position change the aim according to the position. Too lengthy aim will not attract the recruiter. When I look into the fresher resume, I would look into their interest to the particular job and how well he is interest in contributing to the company. In case of experienced resume, I will look for their experience and then followed by the job they are interested now.
Frame the aim or objective correctly in order to grab the attention of the HR.
Enjoy your day.

It’s wonderful to buy a book on Steve Jobs presentation skills, there are some other reasons to buy this book. I bought this book because it’s affordable for me also my profession demands presentation skills. While flipping the pages I understood it’s worth more than the price that I have paid, this book cost me Rs.245 (i.e $5 approximately). This book also captures the entire history of Steve’s products and how he explained about the product. Here I would like to put down some points so that it can help you why you need the book. This book will help CEO’s, Managers, Teachers and even students. It doesn’t matter what your profession is or the stage that you are now in presenting and speaking to the audience.

The three things that impressed me is, first is it’s simplicity, second is putting all the information about Steve’s presentation skills and third is conveying the ways you can adopt it.

Book cover

To put down some points from they the books, it’s as follows. Your presentation should not have bullet points. Even a one word slide with or without an image is enough if you are well prepared. Have images instead to text. Speak more rather instead of reading the slides. Follow the rule of three( you will get to know what it means when you buy that book). Practice, practice and practice this is the core way to improvise your presentation skills. Video tape your presentation and check how you speak and way you express your words. Share the stage with your team or people who contributed to the product and give them space to speak. Body language of Steve’s gives confidence in the speaker, Carmine Gallo captures those moments and present it to you. Also have fun while you present, it should be appropriate for the situation.

In the last page, Carmine Gallo have explained Steve Jobs Stanford Speech that will bring in enthusiasm and energy in you.

This book is highly recommended for people who have 50 – 60 slides in their presentation. Book compares Steve jobs with Bill Gates presentation, also estimates the level of words used in the presentation. Your presentation will not be the same after you read this book.

Stay hungry, Stay foolish – Steve Jobs.