I felt so happy to get selected as a Lecturer, I don’t know what made them to choose me, I delivered my best. I have put in a lot of research to take a marketing topic and found ‘Marketing Mix’ will be the right one for the first year graduates. Googled and found some related article about the same topic included it and presented over there. It’s the first time students might have got what’s “OUT OF SYLLABUS” taught by a lecturer 😛 (just for fun). This is one of the slide presented, second column is in the syllabus rest is taken from internet to given them an idea how marketing mix has been changed to suit the present scenario.

Marketing manager as a “mixer of ingredients” – James Culliton, 1940.Marketing mix -Neil H. Borden, 1953. E. Jerome McCarthy – 1960 Bob Lauterborn, Professor North Carolina Supply side model  – Chekitan Dev and Don Schultz
4P’s 4C’s SIVA Model 4V’s
Product Consumer wants and needs Solution Validity
Promotion Communication Information Vogue
Price Cost to satisfy Value Value
Place Convenience to buy product Access Venue

Click this link to download the entire Marketing Mix Presentation