In the era of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, utilizing these website we can find a job. This kind of job search is not so familiar and yet to be explored by students as well as professionals. Out of these three website I would suggest students to have an account in Linked In and build relationship and rapport with the HR’s and try to figure out your prospective job. I have read an interesting article, which shows the potential and reach of social networking site out of the three I mentioned above, Facebook ranks first followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.


While talking about Facebook, you can certainly use it to find out jobs by joining groups. Find out groups like fresher jobs, fresh jobs in US like that, become a member and get constant update in that particular group. Also people nowadays started sharing about the jobs openings in their status messages. One particular page which helps people like me is HR Guru, here I get updates on job opening in HR field. I would suggest you to add in such kind of groups or pages suiting your interest and find out a job.


In case of twitter, you will have to use the # tag option and find out the post related to the job openings. You can follow tags like #fresh jobs #recruitment #India jobs, also there are website which helps in announcing openings for fresh graduates like , and etc. They have twitter account with them, so they tweet the openings follow them to get constant updates.


LinkedIn is the last one, but not the least one. A powerful portal to get connected with recruiter, hr professionals and career consultants. There are many groups where HR’s post their jobs and requirements. Open an account and make your profile look better and add activities you are interested, your achievements and accolades. Aware , don’t boast your such too much. Give invitation to HR people, have a word with them and keep in touch with them constantly, they may not be in a position to help you finding a job, at least they can  help you in giving leads. In the upcoming post we will explore more about Linked In and its utilities.Stay in social network for a good purpose. Social networking for recruitment is the emerging, but that cannot match the other recruitment tools.