After a month break, I would like to write a small post. This is not going to be a part of Interview tips, but this is a kind of awareness.We are in an era of social network, where people don’t see face to face, instead they go for Facebook.
This is a high time to be more cautious while you share your information to third person. Especially when you are searching for a job or working currently. You email id or website that you mention in your resume might turn evil.

Whenever you are giving your resume to the recruiter, there is email id mentioned in the resume for sure. If a recruiter wants to explore about you and want to know about your activities they will certainly go for a search with your email id in Google. If they find out some thing, related to your blog, facebook, linkedin, they peep in and might try to get some clue.

There are occasions where employee’s got sacked because of maintaining a blog related to their work. This situation may happen to you. Read this article 

A Simple Tip:-

So be aware while you give the Email ID,create a separate Email Id for your employment search, and maintain it properly. This will also helps you in organizing things. Where you can get updates about your jobs and alerts separately.

I usually advise students to give a good email id, for example if I am giving my email id as , likewise do you really like it. You need to be more professional in framing your email id itself. Instead you can give your full name , ex:

Internet is a huge place for privacy exposure.

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