Human resources are inevitable for an organization, this is my constant saying in all the interviews when they question me, Why did you chose Human Resources Management as your career?. A human being is dependent on another individual right from his/her birth. You cannot say you are independent. There are many things to be learned from an war which ended the history of LTTE. The most talk of the world is Sri Lankan war, I was going through the book “How Sri Lankan army won?.” written by Nitin Gokhale (NDTV News Reporter). Mr. Gokhale have explained about the war clearly in 207 pages. There are some lesson to be learned from the success strategy followed by the Sri Lankan’s and also from the failure of the LTTE.

Right from the first page, Nitin Gokhale explained the history of war and its results. Now I am not going to take you to the history of the war, but I would like to give out the crisp idea from the war, to elucidate the importance of HR’s in an organization.

There are many things happening in the HR department, they are responsible for Recruitment, Selection, Induction, Orientation, Training, Payroll, Industrial relation and others. When we take the scenario of Sri Lanka, in the fourth tamil eelam war. Sri Lankan army are all set to defeat LTTE.

Human Resources a key for success

The smartest move did by former Sri Lanka Army General Sarath Fonseka was to unite Army, Airforce and Navy. This unity was not there when they fought against LTTE in first three eelam wars.

  • From this we need to understand as a HR we need to bridge all the people who ever is working in an Organization. Don’t separate anyone as a department. Give them a friendly environment and make them glued together.  

In case of LTTE, they missed the most successful Commander Colonel Karuna by March 2004. Who was taking care of the entire Eastern troops and there were around 6000 followers for him. He departed from LTTE due to some allegations against him.
  • There are some occasions where you have to sit with your employee and ask about his problems and also solve the issues. Don’t believe in anyone’s word and sack them immediately. Another thing is that having the wrong person right job also reduces the productivity. Solve the grievance right on the time and take time to decide about the grievance.

By May 2008, LTTE Senior Military Leader Brigadier Balraj dies of heart attack, before that by November 2008, LTTE Political Leader Brigadier Tamil Selvan was killed in an aerial bombardment by Sri Lankan’s air force. These two losses were led loss of commanding leader in the LTTE army. So young LTTE force were not able to get trained also they lost their leader. In the book, Nitin Gokhale has mentioned “All the LTTE leader are too old to take care of the military operations”.
  • We need to understand that succession planning plays a major role in the organization. Also training has to be given at the prompt time which ensure outstanding productivity. An organization has to emphasize more on Training and also on Succession Planning.
At the last movement of the war, Mr.Sarath Fonseka has a task force group of 8 members who will enter into the enemy line and destroy the militants and comes back to the barracks. This strategic move helped the army to move further and capture more land.
  • In an organization, team work plays a major role. Competition in between teams helps to achieve the target and productivity. Companies has to motivate and encourage team performance and team building. A constructive team will help the organization to reach peaks.

At the end of the war, LTTE has lost many of their warriors. Even if they had some people with them they are not trained and lead by a leader. This added more worries to LTTE. In the mean while Sri Lankan army added around 40,000 people into their military base by 2007. At the end their plan is to have around 1,50,000 army persons. Hence they were able to succeed against LTTE.
  • Recruitment is the most important which an organization should take care of. Hiring right person at the right time will certainly help the organization. So don’t be lethargic while you recruit people. Also ensure that you recruit the right person.

Success is reached by continuous steady hard work. We cannot expect things to happen in a second. A futuristic view added with planned operations leads an organization to climb the ladders of success.
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