Worried about your interviews. Throw all those things and work on three things which will help you entering the gates. The three things might not be threatening you, because mostly you will find it in the motivation stories or speech. They are


Even if you are a fresher or an experienced guy, all the companies hire you for the talent you possess. We have different talents and all of them might be useful to the company. So pick out the talent which is suitable and expected by the company and work on it, that’s the way you have to start as a fresher. From freshers, interviewer expect you to answer the basic questions. If you are experienced, check whether your experience really worth for the number of year you were working, else brush up all the things in which you have been working. Experience people have two different scenarios, when they go to the top notch companies they will be interviewed by technical team leads or team leads of the company, so if you are 1 year experienced in one company they expect you to have the knowledge of that one year. Another scenario is that you will be recruited as an employee and a new department under you might be formed so, you might need to generously explain what you will you do as a team lead or primary executor. Understand the situation and speak in the interview.


Most finest aspect to note down is trust. You should speak to the HR in the sense they should trust you. It can be build if you are talking the true facts to them. If you are trying to hide anything , your facial reactions will certainly show it. So, I would say be true to all the interviewers, interact with them freely and instill trust in your name, certainly you are hired.

Interviewee should establish confidence all the time, even when the HR or the Interviewer speak negative to you. Self confidence play a major role in getting yourself succeeded in the interview. Confidence play a major role since all the job involves targets, stress and pressure. Taking things easy and playing with helps you a lot. Speak with a bold voice to show the confidence, softer your voice you will be perceived as a submissive personality. So be aware.
Talent + Trust + Confidence = Success

Enjoy your interview. Don’t lose confidence.
Failures are the stepping stone to success.
Balachandar K.