A question which doesn’t have time limit and framed answer, but plays a major role in an Interview is Tell me about yourself? Candidates are always prepared for this question; I feel that preparation itself puts them in a bad situation when they forget the content.  There are many ways candidates follow to answer the question.  There are several formats which are followed by the job seekers to grab the opportunity.
The formats usually followed by many people out here in the interview is to tell the details about their
          Personal Interest
          Extra- curricular activities
Stand out of the crowd
Mostly this format is followed by many fresh graduates , but I have listened to some who put it differently to grab my attention towards them in the first instance.
They start with what they are and why they love this job and also they add how they are the suitable fit for the job. This format helps in the interviewer to understand about the person effectively. Also helps the interviewee in certain extend. When he shoots outs his/her interest the interviewer ask questions in that area, it’s an advantage of the candidate where he will receive question of their choice.
Eventually it makes the job easy for the interviewer too.
Also when you add the learning’s that you got in the internships or projects that adds more value to your answer.
 I would suggest you to follow a different format while answering the interview questions to bring out the best from you. In all the answers try to relate yourself to the job and job role to impress the interviewer.
If you are following a format of your own you can stand out from the crowd and get through the gates with ease.
Let it be your day!!