We succeed in the works where we involve ourselves much, if we didn’t it leads to failure. In an interview there are many reason which puts you in trouble in getting selected. If we look out for the causes of failure, we get two clues. One is because of the candidate himself or because of the company. As a candidate you might not know what happening behind the screen in the selection process.

What’s wrong with the candidate? 

1) Lack of knowledge about the job.
2) Not understanding the job description exactly.
3) Lacks communication. Even though he/she has the knowledge, he/she fails to deliver it.
4) Lack of confidence.
5) He/She doesn’t know about the company.
6) Not matching the expectations of the company.
7) Not having experience on par with the experience he quoted in the resume.
8) Resume make a huge difference, if your resume doesn’t have information related to the job, recruiter rejects the resume.
9) Stressing more on the salary part.
10) Fails to apply on the right time. When ever there is a vacancy, it gets filled soon. Be first in applying for a job, you will automatically get a call (Depends on the suitability of the candidate).
11) Fails to update himself about the happenings which is related to the job profile.
12) Importantly, not preparing himself / herself for the interview.
13) He/ She often changes the job.
14) Applying for the lower level job, what I mean ” You are over qualified”
15) Too much of assertiveness (over confidence).
16) Attitude and behavior.
17) You are not proactive, initiator and a leader. [For management jobs]

Lets see what kind of company policies hinders your selection.

Interview panel

1) Company policy itself, (Like contract, bonds and procedures). They look out for candidates who will work for a long term with them.
2) Companies salary slab doesn’t match your expectation. Companies have a fixed salary slab, they wants get candidates to fit in their budget.
3) Location: Mostly companies look for employees who are near to their company. If they get a candidates nearby their premises who is equal to your knowledge and stuff. Companies prefer the person who is staying near to their premises.
4) Time: Some time recruiters have the pressure to close the position ASAP. When they are in a hurry, they might select a wrong candidate too. When they are overloaded with many interviewees, they tiredness makes him/her close the conversation soon without understanding you completely.
5) Interviewer: It may be due to the interviewer who doesn’t like you. Biased selection also happens in Interview.

To succeed in an interview one should have idea about the job, relevant experience, knowledge about the company and company policy, expectation of the interviewer (wild guess) and confidence. Also preparing yourself for an interview helps you.

To conclude this topic, its not always your fault. There are some occasions where others fails to understand you. Don’t get funked because of you didn’t get selected in a company, there is always a better opportunity.

                              “Failures are the stepping stones of success”

All the best for your interview.

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