As a interviewee you are taking up interview to make a career. After around 16+ yrs of study everyone search for a job, this is where a career starts. What kind of Job interests a student? What is the job he wants to do for the rest of the life? are the questions which decides a student career. A career changes the student into a professional, a question regarding a career plan or goal decides how well a student is matured and focussed enough to take up a career. As a fresher your career goal is very simple and crisp. You need to know to frame it in the right sense.

All these questions given below relates to your career plan and career goal
1) What is your short term and long term goal?
2) What is your career plan?
3) Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
4) What is your career goal?

Yet some other questions which relates to the future falls into this category.

To answer these questions one should be more focussed and clear on the short term and long term objective.

The answer can be like, as a fresher you will not have an entry to climb in the career ladder. So, the short term objective is getting into a Job in a prospective company.  Convey to the HR the objective in a positive way.
Example:- My shortest term aim is get into a job which suits my interest.
In case of long term aim, if you are not given a specific period, you can tell them ” My aim is to become a CEO of the company”, else to reach the highest level in the company. If you are restricted to 5 years of period you can say ” I would like to become a project manager”, If its around 2 years convey him that you will be a Team lead.
Note:- Don’t say your long term aim to start a company. This will not give a good impression in all the interview. Mostly try to avoid it, because you are apply for a company to work not to learn and start a company of your own.
Be positive in all the answers, don’t give to answer in such a way it will lead to more questions.
All the best.