Centuries after centuries, decades after decades, year after years, months after months, days after days we lose something in our life.  What have we lost a lot of things through out the time. We will take a comparative analysis of the early morning time.

When we look into the olden days, the natural sunshine smear on our body, birds and nature makes a music to give a tap into your ears to make you awake from the deep sleep. The dawn makes you more comfortable with the brisk air and clean water. We walk to the banks of some river, pond or lake to take a natural bath. Before taking a bath, we brush our teeth with Neem twig. All these happens in the early morning and make us so energetic in the morning. There is a little bit of physical work involved in all the activities we do.

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Nowadays, in the modern world, our gadgets wakes up with its Ring tones in the morning. We put it in the snooze mode or turn off the alarm to extend our sleep. We simply move to our bathroom and latrine to finish off the work. Our physical work extends till the next room.

We take a tooth brush with tooth paste on it to complete our brushing, where we lose the neem twigs unique medicinal property. We take a bath and rush to our office in a bike or car.

All the physical work we did in the early days went into the air. Seems little, but  we gained weight,become stout, obese, lazy and etc etc by not following tradition. Modernization made us lazy by easy access to all. Technology has reduce our efforts. Think wise and act smart. 🙂

Note:- Neem twigs are still in use in Rural areas of India for Brushing. 🙂