You might think, whether this blogger is crap or what? Don’t I know how to give a handshake in Interview? If you are thinking like this. You must read further.In an interview process HR even evaluates the person with the type of handshake he gives to him.
If you refer any psychology books you will find out the different types of Handshake and the interpretations for it. When ever meet a person we do handshake to show our trust, likeness and friendship. Even its given whenever we meet a new person. This creates amicable environment. So, handshake should be taken seriously into consideration.

Lets see the types of handshake. In general,

When it comes to business or in an interview, we look into these major types. There are many other secret handshake types.

Look into the picture clearly. HR expects you to give the third type of handshake.

When you enter into the interview hall, look at the HR and give a bright smile. Take out your hand with confidence and give a professional handshake. Before giving the handshake ensure that you wipe of the sweat. If you have sweat that shows that you are nervous.

While giving the handshake keep your hand stiff and steady. Shook the HR hands twice with grip. Don’t give a bone cracking handshake too.

If your hand is not stiff and steady that also gives an impression that you are not confident.

Small things matters a lot in the interview. Take care in each and every move. Victory is yours!!

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