I entered into a mid size IT company before 5 months and 28 days, two more day to go to complete my probation period in that company. Waiting to know about my performance in the view of the management. As an HR executive of a mid size company gave me diversified experience. I substantiate this with some of the value that added to myself in the short run.

Those values helped in grooming myself to become a good public speaker, people analyzer, decision maker, got an ability to tackle any adverse situation.


Proud to be an employee of a Mid size company


Learning No 1:-

When it comes to an IT company the attrition rate is usually high,  managing the human resource in a small set makes a big difference when compared with big players. When you have 50000 + employees in your companies if 10 – 20 people leave the company in a month it’s not a huge loss to the knowledge pool that the company had, but when your  company size is around 100+ if you lose 2 employee a month its a heavy loss to the company. Immediate replacement of the resources reduces the pressure on the HR. Else pressure mounts on the HR as well as the existing resources. As the work load increases the resources existing will also feel the pressure which eventually leads to more attrition.  When you work as an HR in mid size company with 100+ employee you need to be very careful and also you need to be more associated with the employees. By doing this you can have an idea about, What an employee is thinking?

Take care of your employees individually, speak to them and understand them is first lesson I learned.

Learning No 2:-

When you associate with them and getting closer to them there are chances where you will convey the companies views and ideas. Since it’s a small group you need to take care while uttering a word. Certain secrets will come out which you are not supposed to reveal as an HR of the company.

Choose your words before you speak.

Learning No 3:-

When it is a mid size company with 100+ employees management tries to reduce the cost. As an HR of a small company its your duty to find a talented resource with lower cost.

Negotiate to attain a Win-Win situation.

Learning No 4:-

You will get diversified knowledge on the job profile that you are working with. You involve yourself in lot of activities like recruitment, induction, orientation and selection.

Learning No 5:-

You need to put in lots of efforts because you will be  identified easily if you are not working.

In General : –

What is the problem with the big corporates when you start with them. Even though you earn a lot of money the scope for learning, participation and networking is reduced. You will get a job for which lot of your colleagues will also be working. To get a diversified knowledge it takes around 5 – 8 years of time.

One my friend is working with the top-notch company for the past one year, but she is only into recruitment. She doesn’t have any other work.  She says ” I will have to work on Sundays too”. Top corporates are more process oriented which hampers an employee ideas and creativity. Its makes an employee as HUMAN ROBOTS.

With six months of experience I take interview assess candidates do joining formalities for the selected candidates.  I earn less but learn a lot with joy.

Don’t look for the brand name and money, look out for the learning and career growth.