Questions asked in Interviews are simple, only we feel it harder to answer. Another promising question to be answered is, “What are your strengths?”. All the questions posted in the final HR round is to analyze the candidates attitude. This question helps the HR to understand the candidate better than other questions. As a candidate for the interview process you should answer this crisply and convincingly. I will give out some tips to put the answer right, here its as follows,

  1. You need to frame the right sentence and deliver the correct meaning.
  2. Don’t get confused with the words “strengths” and “skills”
  3. Give out simple and crisp answers.
  4. Don’t answer in such a way which will lead you to another question.
  5. Do self preparation before the interview.
  6. Communicate with confidence.


For a fresher, your strength has give out the positive attitude and learning spirit in you. Give out how your character helped out in getting things done and accomplished. Restrict your answers to a minute or so. Try to quote examples which will support your strength. Validate your answers.

Example answer: I am a quick learner. Love to read a lot.
                          I love to do challenging jobs.
                          I am creative and innovative. Where I try to find alternatives soon.
                          I am very much organized and punctual.
                          Give out immediate solutions to problem.

These are examples, try to interpret your personality traits and come out with your strengths.

For experienced candidates, answers have be more elaborate. Give out your experience, add skills to your strength. Put your answers in such a way how your strength benefited your organization. Down the lane, come out with your character strengths.

Example: Dedicated to the work.
               Deliver results on time.
               A team player also an individual performer.
               Ability to handle pressure.
Relate your past work experience when you answer this question.

Wait for the next post ” What is your weakness?”.
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